SANAP 17:37 23 Nov 2009

I bought an ATI RADEON HD4850 graphics card and was aware that it required a 450watt or greater PSU. the dell is 400 I think and apparently they can cope with higher but I now find when I run a game ie MEDAL OF HONOUR game crashes a lot and I am forever told update video device driver. It has latest drivers. PC runs great and is only 4 years old. Would the weaker PSU cause such problems and can I get a more powerful PSU for the DELL and where from?

totally confused etc


  MAT ALAN 19:06 23 Nov 2009

probably not a device driver issue, nor is it the size of your PSU 450W is ample for this card.
the card has 110w power consumption...

What it might be.
This card runs hotter than most so it could be an airflow issue.
Is the card powered direct or drawing from your MOBO..

  citadel 19:13 23 Nov 2009

install patch for game and see if it stops crashes. easy to fit new psu as long as the dell case is a normal atx case, you just disconnect the power leads from the motherboard, hard drive, other drives dvd etc. then there are four screws that hold the psu to the case remove them while you keep hold of the psu from the inside of the case. reverse to install new psu. you did plug the connector into the graphics card when you installed it i presume.

  SANAP 19:52 23 Nov 2009

thanks both, i took a lot of time installing the card and it is plugged into power lead and the fan works and i have cleaned dust from around fan etc. I bought especially for a game that would never play so gave up but when I saw this bit about card not good enough for w7 aero I did a few checks. How do I know if it is an ATX case?
? And where could I get a bigger PSU?
I have xp pro and 4mb ram. All patches have been done but at w/e i used disk cleanup and disk fragmenter so may try later.

i got game via STEAM and its up to date with patches. By the way, how did you find out 110w is enough for card?


  SANAP 19:57 23 Nov 2009

here is a link to the case??

click here


  GaT7 20:12 23 Nov 2009

What's the exact error message?

Where did you get the HD4850 from?

How are you giving it power? With the help of adapters/converters?

Can you try the HD4850 in another PC - at a friend's/neighbour's perhaps?

You shouldn't have a power problem apparently click here (PSU runs a more power-hungry HD4870 too - see 2nd link below).

But the card itself click here, or drivers may be the problem. If the latest is giving you errors, try older driver versions - click here to download. G

  SANAP 20:22 23 Nov 2009

Its a sapphire toxic, bought online, its plugged into a spare connector, it has the latest drivers, ATI catalyst, it ran game quite a few times but only after 3 attempts, it then just crashes the PC anad microsoft come back " your PC has recovered etc and says it was video device. "

PC runs quiet and its not that hot.

cant get your links to load


  GaT7 20:27 23 Nov 2009

Online, but from where exactly?

What's the exact text of the error please?

As mentioned above, one way of ruling out the graphics card & PSU is to try it out in another suitable PC that has a x16 PCI-E slot & good-enough PSU.

Btw, all provided links work perfectly for me - keep trying them. G

  SANAP 20:56 23 Nov 2009

I cant remember where it was 12 months ago, drivers are 23 sept version 8.661 so will get newer ones in a moment.

Links worked, it appears I have win pop up blocker and google pop up blocker!!


  SANAP 01:39 24 Nov 2009

I found a website tha can analyse your pc and check if it is suitable, mine fails for Call Of Duty - world at war and for Medal Of Honour Airborne. It passes for COD4- Modern Warfare!!

I have given up. its xbox 360 and windows 7 when xp runs out.

Thanks all for help.


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