Help PSU blew now cannot boot into windows.. HELP

  NICTRY 19:50 06 Feb 2004

OK, disaster last night PSU blew up, anyway fitted new PSU today and thought all fine again till booted up, basically the PC came up with a msg saying choose whether to use existing good config, safe mode or normal windows as it had not shut down. Any of the options causes the PC to boot through to the point the windows scrn comes up but then a blue screen full of writing comes up and it shuts down immed. :(

I tried everything inclusing an XP repair but that will not work either and says it has stopped instal as safety precaution.

As the PC had 2HDD i disabled the master and installed a fresh copy of XP on the 2nd drive and all fine I am back on again, in addition I connected up the old HDD and can see evrything fine as drive e all files everything ok but will not boot at all.

Can anyone suggest how I can repair the windows install on the 1st drive as I really dont want to have to install all my setting etc. on the 2nd HDD. I really would appreciate your help :(

  Chegs ? 21:19 06 Feb 2004

Can you not import these files with XP Files and Settings Transfer Wizard?

  NICTRY 22:45 06 Feb 2004

No because windows seems to be corrupt the last thing I want to do is copy across the corrupt elements?

I think I will prob call it a day as formatting the original drive after copying what I need across is probably the safest bet

  goonerbill 07:31 07 Feb 2004

had this happen to me the other day. only option that you have is to reformat and re-install windows ( also tried system recovery and the options you tried).

if all is running ok with your 2nd hdd as master, why not leave it that way and just reformat your old master hdd and use it as slave after saving all your data onto your present master.

  NICTRY 08:54 07 Feb 2004

Yep that is basically what I have done, only minor hitch is I have no idea what the master slave jumpers are so I have left the boot sequence as HDD1 and therefore can keep the new main drive as slave without faffing around with the jumpers!

  Rayuk 12:53 07 Feb 2004

If you know the hard drives manufacturer go to their website and you will be able to find the jumper settings there

  NICTRY 14:00 07 Feb 2004

Seems to work fine as is, would you bother changing the sequence? Is it really necessary to have the boot drive set as master, and is there any performance or other issues with leaving it as a slave?

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