Help with proxy server please

  jmb531 12:25 05 Jul 2010

I have just upgraded Mozilla Firefox to the latest version on wifes laptop.It is unable to connect to internet although the wireless signal is deemed excellent by the PC.Is it simple to find another proxy server address.I would be grateful for help please.John

  Taff™ 14:02 05 Jul 2010

If it`s just stopped working and was previously I suggest you unplug the router and switch off all PC`s. Reboot the router first and after a couple of minutes reboot each computer in turn to re-establish their local IP addresses.

  gnvqsos 14:37 05 Jul 2010

Thats good commonsense thanks Taff

  Taff™ 15:43 05 Jul 2010

Yes but does it work for jmb531? There`s a few more things to try if not.

  jmb531 16:02 05 Jul 2010

Well I managed to reconfigure the FF settings using options etc. and then reinsalled IE7 but now neither are accessible.So its back to square 1.I would welcome any other tips you can offer John

  LastChip 16:27 05 Jul 2010

If you are connecting via wireless, I assume you're connecting via a router of some kind, so why are you getting involved in proxy servers?

If your router is configured in a normal manner, it will operate as a dhcp server and give your laptop an address automatically.

All you need to do, is configure the laptop to obtain an address automatically.

If you're doing something different, please explain exactly what you're trying to achieve.

  jmb531 17:27 05 Jul 2010

Thanks for the question LC.My wife uses the PC at home and work so needs a proxy .In view of the complications I will restore the connection to our Tiscali router and use it in the dhcp mode as you suggest.It has connected this way already today but at present the PC can only dtect the signal from our neighbours which of course is a secure network-otherwise we could piggy-back

  Taff™ 17:43 05 Jul 2010

That explains it better. You need to know the proxy settings for your ISP who is ???????

In the meantime you still need to sort out why her computer can`t pick up on the signal from the router. When you can the proxy server becomes that of the router. ( for example) To find out exactly open a command prompt on another computer linked to the router. Start>Run and type "cmd" without quotes.

Then type "ipcongig /all" and make a note of the default gateway which will be similar to 192.168.x.x. Use that as the proxy server and you should be back in business without affecting the Domain at work.

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