HELP! Printing on printable media.

  rickf 11:23 28 May 2005

Hi, I have raised this issue before but was not resolved. Print image is off centre and small. I am scanning thru'CanonScan N670U and saving in photoshop, then onto memory card for my Epson 300 to print on media. Resolution scan is 150dpi. Should I reduce to 75dpi to get full image to fit on media? I have tried so many times to centre the image for print in the printer but does not seem to solve the problem. Any help very well come. I have also reinstall the printer but to no avail. Thanks.

  rickf 11:26 28 May 2005

bump!!This is rather urgent so would appreciate help. Trying to print some CDs for birthday pressie this w/end.

  leo49 12:00 28 May 2005

Are you not using the Print CD software that came with your printer to position and tweak the image?

  rickf 12:04 28 May 2005

Thanks Leo. Yes, I am but it is really difficult as it is only in mm tweaks only and the print image is way out.

  rickf 12:06 28 May 2005

I mean way out of position. The other prob of not filling up the CD is another matter. I am just trying to sort it out one at a time.

  jakimo 12:06 28 May 2005

The Epson print cd\dvd help file (troubleshooting) covers these problems

  pj123 12:29 28 May 2005

I don't use the Epson Print CD programme, I use Discus from click here

As an experiment though I have just tried it and it works perfect on my R200.

Make the image as square as you can. I cropped and resized mine to 5" x 5".

Insert the picture in to Epson Print CD. It still shows only a small picture in the middle of the CD template. Using the bottom righthand corner and holding the Shift key down drag it out to fit the CD template. Place your mouse in the middle of the picture to position it on the template. Once you have it the size and position you want print it.

Unfortunately, the link I posted won't help you on this occasion as it is not a downloadable programme (too big, about 800mb). But you might find it useful for future projects. The latest version of it has support for the Epson R200 and R300. You could download a demo version to give it a go, but it prints a watermark "DEMO" on all labels/CD/DVDs.

  rickf 12:33 28 May 2005

Thanks for all the help to date. I shall try it out sometime today and get back here.This is a great forum.

  Border Collie 13:50 28 May 2005

Epson Print CD.

You can either click on the Disc icon on the left 'Background', three below the Red arrow, and your picture will be adjusted to fit the disc.


Use the second one below the red arrow 'Picture' then drag out the picture to cover the disc.

Now go to Arrangement (at the top) - Layout and Align the picture Vertically and Horizontally and make sure the picture covers the outline of the disc. Or left click hold and drag the picture to where you want it.

Double left click on the picture and choose the Create Template Tab and click on the circle.

If you have used a rectangular picture you will have to drag in from the sides to fit the circle.

  pj123 13:56 28 May 2005

Border Collie, brilliant. Just tried your way. Again works perfectly.

  Border Collie 14:02 28 May 2005

As we are talking R200 and R300's here, I thought I would give a reminder to those who missed my thread on the subject.

There are new drivers available from click here , click on the Support Tab, enter your printer model.

The lag before printing has virtually disappeared and I'd swear it is printing faster.

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