help with prey

  acceptmyname 10:58 05 Feb 2007

can anybody help me i have got the pc game prey
for my desktop pc but i have a problem with it crashing.
I play the first level in the bar then when i try to play the next level it crashes as soon as i try to move. It sends a error report to microsoft containing the following information C:\DOCUME~1COMPAQ~1\LOCALS~1\temp|4561_appcompat.txt

can anybody please help click here this is a link to my pc spec although i have added another 512 memory.

  Totally-braindead 11:15 05 Feb 2007

It could be the onboard graphics causing the problem. Though if this is the case it puzzles me as you say it plays the first level ok.
I would check the game website and see if theres any info and patches there.

  acceptmyname 11:32 05 Feb 2007

it says that that prey is up to date

  gudgulf 11:56 05 Feb 2007

You might find this useful click here

It mentions a lot of common problems and game set up tips.

Try updating your graphics drivers click here

I doubt it is the onboard graphics....whilst not a gaming card the ATI x200 has full hardware support for DirectX 9 and should cope with Prey at modest settings (I ran the FEAR Extraction Point demo on one!! Lowest everything,but it ran).

You could also try reinstalling the game with your antivirus program/antimalware turned off.

Lastly try removing the new memory stick in case you have a conflict with your existing RAM.

  Totally-braindead 14:03 05 Feb 2007

The manufacturers website does not say the X200 is supported, the X300 is but the 200 is not listed.
Heres the support I suggested click here the Forums support from the main support website.
Have a read through and see if you can find anything that sounds like your problem.

  acceptmyname 14:24 05 Feb 2007

thanks for the help guys

I am on the page you suggested braindead but i can not find anything that really relates to my problem i am gonna join the forum and add my problem and see if anybody responds

  Totally-braindead 14:31 05 Feb 2007

I played the demo of the game and from what I remember the first level - the one in the bar is not extremely hard on the graphics but when you go on the next bit is.
That is why I suspect it may be the graphics. I could wrong of course but you mention nothing else as having a fault so I suspect the graphics.

  gudgulf 22:51 05 Feb 2007

The x200 and x300 have similar performance capabilities.

click here

The x200 refers to the onboard version and carries the same name as the ATI motherboard chipset it is part of.

If there was a graphics card incompatibility the first part of the game wouldn't run.

I'm due to visit the owner of the ATI x200 equipped pc (which I built) to give it a once over this coming Friday.I'll install Prey when I do and see how it runs.......I'm curious to see how it looks and performs.

  Totally-braindead 23:05 05 Feb 2007

gudgulf thanks for that. I have a couple of games now that specifically mention onboard graphics and say they are not supported but may work.
Thinking about it you are right it might not be the graphics per se but I've had a few games that ran perfectly for a few levels and then had graphics problems in later levels.
One just now Splinter Cell Double Agent, first 5 levels no problems, 6th level a nightmare. Walking thru walls, falling thru floors crashing, locking up etc etc. Did find the workaround eventually - drop the resolution to 800x600 in this case and then plays ok.

  gudgulf 23:18 05 Feb 2007

You may have something there.

When I ran the FEAR EP demo on an x200 it was at 640x480 and everything on low........looked quite a lot like the original DOOM!....but it was playable.

It may be that Prey needs similarly low settings.That's why I'm going to give it a go myself,lol.

however the fact that acceptmyname mentions sending an error report to Microsoft makes me think it is a more general driver or bad installation fault.

I also wonder about the additional memory for that reason.....moving to the more demanding second level might be accessing faulty or incompatible RAM.

In the absence of a known issue this is definitely one of those problems that would be easier to get to the bottom of "hands on" with the pc in your possession.

  acceptmyname 21:37 06 Feb 2007

thanks for sll the help gents

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