Help with power supply?

  hotant 14:59 10 May 2004

I brought am AMD base unit xp 3000+ processer etc,the problem is while i was formatting my drive the pc went bang and smoke started to appear from the power supply unit.I took a look inside and the power supply was for a P4 not a AMD is this correct.i have an asrock motherboard k7S8X

  stlucia 15:24 10 May 2004

You mean you've upgraded an existing PC with a new CPU, or a new mobo and processor? If it's a new PC, send it back. If not, sounds like your power supply unit is under-rated -- it's not the make or model of cpu that's important, but its power demand and what other drives etc. you've got in your PC.

Let us know the full spec., and someone will advise how many watts you need.

  hotant 15:45 10 May 2004

Upgraded to a new pc,the power supply says its 350watts motherboard k7S8X,400 ddr ram a dvd rewriter,maxtor 80 gig hard drive and a radeon 9200 graphics card,lucky i didn't stick in me new graphics card i brought leadtek 5700 td 128

  hotant 15:54 10 May 2004

sorry should have read 512 of 400 ddr ram

  woodchip 15:54 10 May 2004

If it’s a New System Box complete as above take it back. A P4 psu is OK for a AMD it must be a faulty one

  Totally-braindead 17:57 10 May 2004

As above if its a new system take it back for repair under warranty, there is no real difference in the Intel and AMD power supplies it sounds as if yours is just faulty.

  hotant 05:42 11 May 2004

Thanks have sent me pc back fingers crossed

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