Help! "With pop up windows was blocked"

  skan 12:20 02 Dec 2006



I registered with pc advise last week & had been posting a question.
Initially, when someone reply, I get a message on my yahoo. The message also provided a link so I can click & get to the reply.

In the last few days, I noticed that the link is not workable.The message at the bottom of the screen is "Pop up message was blocked"

I am a novice with IT so can anyone direct me how to resolve this problem step by step

I have just checked & this also apply to ebay message in the yahoo too.

Why and what I have done in the last few days that have activated this block?


  Kate B 12:37 02 Dec 2006

Are you using the latest version of Internet Explorer? I think it has a pop-up blocker turned on by default. Believe me, you want pop-ups blocked: the internet is infested with them. You can always opt to allow pop-ups from certain sites: I for example have the Radio Times website allowed because it uses pop-ups to display details of programmes.

  skan 16:33 02 Dec 2006


How do I opt to allow ebay & pc advisor to be available & block out the rest?

  anskyber 16:49 02 Dec 2006

If you have IE7? tools, pop up blocker then pop up blocker settings. Allow the sites there.

  anskyber 16:50 02 Dec 2006

For IE6 click here

  skan 17:01 02 Dec 2006


I have tried EI6 and used the Tools, block put setting and allowed pcadvisor & ebay

But still it does not work?


  Kate B 17:19 02 Dec 2006

Tell us exactly what it's saying, or better still, post a screenshot on photobucket and the link that here so we can see what's going on.

  anskyber 18:32 02 Dec 2006

In addition to Kate B's request can you confirm
1 You are on Outlook Express for email.
2 The failures for the sites you have mentioned relate to clicking on links in email.
3 Or, there are other problems with pop ups not just for links in email.

Can you also let us know which anti virus and firewall you are using.


  skan 21:49 02 Dec 2006


I locked in a yahoo mail
I can see:
[email protected] New response to your discussion thread.

When high lighted I can read the message and "To view the new posting of the tread visit the following page

"click here"

When I click on this link:
a sound "blonked" & on the bottom of my screen which is usually showing where my cursor is pointing shows:

"a pop up window was blocked"
This also the same on an ebay message/link

I hope I have also answered anskyber query too.
(1)" I am in yahoo mail beta microsoft internet explorer"

(2) yes

(3)How do I discover whetehr any otehr since I only discover in email

How can I find out which antivirus and firewall?
as mentioned before, I am a novice with IT & require step by step guidance.

Hope this explanation allow you to assist me.

  skan 21:59 02 Dec 2006


I manged to go to option & open or have the yahoo
"block" icon on the line at the top. whn cursor is on the icon, it said press Ctrl while clicking on the link so it is working now.

But why it change automatically a few days ago?
Can I set it back to previously?

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