Help pls, Samsung LE32R41/bdx -LOUSY DVD recording

  AngeTheHippy 16:12 06 Jan 2006

Hi Chaps, I really do need some help/advice re. the above TV I took delivery of yesterday.


TV performance: On analogue, grainy but not too bad.
On integral Freeview: excellent picture, no complaints.

External Sony-S500 audio: *eventually* got it working fine. Samsung booklet not too clear on connecting external audios.

Panasonic DMR-E55 DVD Recorder. Playing pre-recorded (shop bought)DVDs: Perfect picture. Playing back (recorded on old TV)programmes: pretty awful - but understandable. Playing back recorded from new Samsung TV: Just as awful. I've spoken to Panasonic who said not aware of compat. issues with Samsung LCD TVs, spoke to Samsung who said absolutely NO issues with between these two components.

If there is ANYONE who has had probs with (especially) Panasonic DVD recorders and Samsung LCD tvs, pls, pls could they advise me further? I tried all kinds of diagnostics, recording form TV when in Analogue mode, the when in DTV mode, changed cables around (not completely sure I even have all the cables I need!!)etc but no better. Truly awful. The only way I can explain the recorded picture is, if you've ever watched a pirate DVD or a VERY many times watched Video, the picture is probably termed 'muddy'. fringing around everything. Or, another description, if your looking on your PC at an image magnified, it sort of 'pixilates' I think is the term. Anyway, I'm pretty desparate to get this sorted, I've only got a short time to return to suppliers if no good. Even then, I can envisage problems getting a full refund, but don't wanna go that route unless really necessary.

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but thought it had a better chance of being seen in this one.


  john-232317 17:15 06 Jan 2006

I didnt think a dvd recorder records from the actul TV, it has its own receiver built in. Cos you can record off that while you watch another channel ?. Check your coax to the recorder.

  john-232317 17:31 06 Jan 2006

Sounds like the tv is ok if it picks up tv channels ok, its a problem with the recorder signal or the scart between the recorder and tv.

  AngeTheHippy 18:19 06 Jan 2006

after spending the whole bl***y day tinkering with it, I've gone into the DVD setup menu and got what I think is the best it will give. Even playing back progs I recorded from the old CRT TV, it's really a good (not perfect)picture. What does trouble me though, is that I seem only to be able to record from the analogue stations, not freeview (integrated in TV). I can though, record from the analogues and watch any freeview station. Confusing I know, and in time (unless someone can give the answer) I might be able to work it out. Anyone else help on this one?


  Pidder 18:33 06 Jan 2006

I have similar problem recording from Bush digital TV to Bush DVD recorder. Recordings of analogue programmes using the recorder's own tuner are good. Recordings of the TV digital channels using a scart connection between the TV and the recorder are much poorer. Anyone any ideas?

  john-232317 20:13 06 Jan 2006

Sorry I cant help anymore, cos I live in Spain and i`m on cable into recorder and tv, so get digital on both. I have however copied vhs to dvd and got the almost the same pic quality. I have also burnt dvd`s from the tele ( mine has no HD )also good picture.

  Pidder 16:42 07 Jan 2006

Thanks, woodchip's thread under "not computer related..etc" also gives a number of helpful hints.

  johnnyrocker 16:50 07 Jan 2006

one does not record from television it is only used for playback, i had to work on a sony whereby the guy could not record integrated freeview and the cause was that it was wired up incorrectly i would definately check your connections because the sony i had used two rf outputs one of which had freeview signal and one which didnt, hope it helps.


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