Help please....i think i've broken something

  Klappers 13:13 07 Dec 2005

Hi, I opened up my computer today to look at the ram. I took 2 of the 4 lots i have (4x 256) out and then put them back. That's all i touched. Now i power up the computer but all it does is make a continuous fan noise and nothing else. It's the noise that it usually makes when it first starts up but now it just keeps going and going and nothing loads. Please anyone know what i've done???

  PaulB2005 13:18 07 Dec 2005

1) Did you earth yourself before you touched the RAM?

2) Have you dislodged any cables?

3) Is the RAM seated correctly?

4) Why did you remove the RAM and put it back?

  Press Man 13:21 07 Dec 2005

Take the same two ram modules out and re-boot, if everything loads ok shutdown and then put one of the modules back and try again. Process of elimination.

  Klappers 13:22 07 Dec 2005

1) I touched a radiator and a metal lamp before hand so i think i did.

2)i didn't touch any cables

3)i pushed the ram back in but there are some white plug things that hold it in place that i cant put back...but these seem to only hold it.

4) i took it out to see who made it because i want to add some more.

  Klappers 13:24 07 Dec 2005

i forgot to add, im using my old computer to post this

  Logov 13:24 07 Dec 2005

Were you wearing an anti-static wristband or working on an anti-static mat when you checked the RAM?

Is there a small light on the motherboard that is lit? That will tell you if the circuit within the motherboard is receiving power. If the light is out then obviously either that curcuit is broken and possibly a dead motherboard or the power lead from the psu is either disconnected or faulty.

Is the noise upon startup coming from a fan that is connected directly to the psu or via the motherboard?

  PaulB2005 13:26 07 Dec 2005

1) OK

2) Double check

3) You need to push the RAM in far enough so the clips come right up and back into the holes on the sides of the stick of RAM. Other wise it's not properly installed. See the lower image at click here

4) OK

  Klappers 13:27 07 Dec 2005

o.k, thanks for all the help. Im going to go try all thses things. I'll be back soon. Thanks again

  Belatucadrus 13:30 07 Dec 2005

I suspect the fact that you can't refit the retainer plugs means the modules aren't located properly.

  Klappers 13:55 07 Dec 2005

Hello again,
O.k problem solved. Turns out i hadn't pushed the ram in properly. I was so afraid of breaking it i didn't relize that it needed to be pushed in very hard. I won't be doing that again in a hurry! Thanks alot for the help.

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