Help please windows won't shut down!

  beanyboy 10:16 06 Mar 2006

I am in trouble (again)

My Windows XP has just decided that it will not shut down!
Or to be more accurate it shuts down but immediately starts up again, as if I have clicked on the Re-start Button! That is to say I suppose, that it won't power off!!

If anyone has any idea's I would be grateful.


  LeeIT 10:34 06 Mar 2006

pull the plug

  SANTOS7 10:38 06 Mar 2006

click here
try this first, if you do get error messages post them back and we can go from there....

  beanyboy 10:45 06 Mar 2006

Thanks Santos7 for pointing me in the right direction. I'll have a go and let you know. Really very much appreciated.

  beanyboy 11:11 06 Mar 2006

Hi Santos 7

Yep done that , and it works fine . The computer went off (thank goodness)You are a star ! That site looks good too for future refernce.

The only thing that did'nt happen was , that I did not get any Error Message ! I turned it off 2 or three times in case I missed anything but no Blue Screen/Error Message appeared at any time. The Comp: just went off !

Why do you think I did'nt get one . Is it significant ?


  SANTOS7 11:15 06 Mar 2006

Becasuse you do not have any!!, for the moment you have a happy PC, keep it optomised ,update your A/V and spy/malware progs regularly , do your usual scans on a regular basis good housekeeping will keep your PC running smoothly.
I'm glad it worked and glad to help.........

  beanyboy 11:16 06 Mar 2006

As an afterthought I ought to ask what do I do then if I am not going to get an Error Message in order to identify the problem.

I don't really want to keep the Automatic Re-start off for longer than necessary do I ?


  SANTOS7 11:28 06 Mar 2006

Yes, if your pc is now shutting down and restarting properly, if you do not get any error messages basically you do not have any, old adage "if it ain' broke don't fix it".
Of course safe in the knowledge that if you do get any probs you is in the right place,good luck....

  SANTOS7 11:31 06 Mar 2006

click here
this will also help for future ref..

  beanyboy 11:44 06 Mar 2006

I take your point and of course agree with you .

But to come back to my earlier point and I do apologise for keeping on about it
(dim, remember !) Don't I need my automatic restart back on at some point , ie looking at it logicaly, it was on full time , before I took it off.
Isnt it used for upgrades and other things on an automatic basis? Correct me if I am wrong.

Sorry for being a bit of a pain.

  SANTOS7 12:19 06 Mar 2006

Auto updates are in start>control panel> security centre, which is a diferent thing to startup/shutdown if you do not want to auto update you can turn the feature off/on from there, my advice keep it on, As for being a pain "Not so", i know very little about PCs compared to other forum members but hopefully have a knack for pointing people in the right direction.

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