Help please with TV problem

  chestnutcake 09:13 07 Aug 2010

Hi everyone, just hope someone can help with an unusual problem. I have just bought a new computer and at the same time, re-aranged some equipment I have two TVs and a Humax PVR. Before getting the Humax, I used a Sky set top box, initially having just a six month trial of Sky. This involved having a new Hi-Gain Aerial and a Sky Dish. When the Humax was connected up, the Sky box remained in place, under this, but not switched on. The other day, I decided that the Sky box could be discarded - oh dear, that now seems a stupid mistake. First of all, the main Sony TV would not work but eventually, a member of my family got it connected again. However, there is a strange situation with it. Whenever you change programmes, initially, the name of this comes up on the bottom of the screen which also shows the name of what is being shown on this, then the screen goes blank for 15 seconds and then a message flashes up, NO OR BAD SIGNAL - this immediately disappears and the programme comes up and everything is normal. However, again, when you want to change channels , the same situation occurs. This never used to happen before I had the Sony box disconnected.

Is anyone an expert on TV tuning or should I be looking for a non Computer Help Forum??

I would also add another strange thing, at the same time as the Sony TV stopped working, the Philips TV in the other room has failed as well. This has a small TVonics freeview box on the top and has always worked perfectly. Now there is more or less blank screen except for the word MONO and the channel number that you are looking for. So strange that removing the Sony Set-Top Box, which as I said was not switched on, caused both TVs to not work. I am delighted that my Sony now works, albeit with the strange channel situation but nobody can get the Philips to work again. This may I suppose need re-programming again to the TVonics but why should it ever have been affected at the same time as the main Sony TV. I now wish I had never disconnected the Sony Set top and now wonder if it should be connected back again as it was previously, that is if it is possible.

  eedcam 09:29 07 Aug 2010

Hi while you may well get all the help you need here .I t might be better to go to a dedicated forum .This one covers all aspects of home tv etc., .You wil find a drop down box at the bottom of its page where you can choose whci forum suits best b.Though i think you will be well guided whichever you choose
click here

  chestnutcake 10:26 07 Aug 2010

Thanks eedcam, I will certainly ask on the forum you suggest.

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