Help please. Turn A4 into A3

  boxclever 11:58 09 Dec 2004

I know this is not a technical problem, but can anyone point me in the right direction please. I'm trying to do a newsletter for the first time and it will be printed by professional printers on A3 size paper. I have MS Publisher but can't work out how to view the page as A3. Any help will be greatly appreciated

  Eric10 12:15 09 Dec 2004

You need to install an A3 printer such as the HP Laserjet 4V or any other that you may know. You don't need to actually have the printer connected to your PC, just install the driver. In Publisher go to Page Setup, select the printer and you will find that A3 is now available.

  Modo 12:17 09 Dec 2004

I have a feeling that MS Publiher - I am on XP version - doesn't give you this paper size option if your printer set ups are A4 when you go go File- Page Set Up? It associates first with the printer, and if the printer isn't an A3 printer it won't let you choose A3 from this menu.

In the absence of somebody knowing an obvious solution!!

A thought for a workaround Why not load the software for an A3 printer and see if Publisher will then let you do what you want to.

An other similar option is to use a virtual printer. Have you tried to see if it will let you use A3 if you set the printer as your fax printer. Or perhaps the quickest workaround - having just checked on my computer - download pdfFactory

click here

The free version has an A3 paper option.

  Bluesmoon 12:23 09 Dec 2004

We are not all techies - but thank goodness for the ones who are

Go to file/page set up
Choose a publication size

Go to "choose publication size" in help and there is a lot of help and links there which should answer most of your questions

  boxclever 12:29 09 Dec 2004

I have tried to download PDF factory but it stops because of a missing file. I will try the other options and report back. Cheers again

  paranomia 11:14 10 Dec 2004

boxclever - I have been using PDF Factory Pro for some months now - excellent programme, what file is missing? (By the way, got Fineprint at the same time, very useful multipage driver... no I'm not an employee!! :) )

  boxclever 11:38 10 Dec 2004

I've tried again to download PDF Factory and get the following message. "An error occurred in Windows (Control Service Failed) The service cannot accept control messages at this time".

  paranomia 12:03 10 Dec 2004

Are you downloading from click here ? These are the actual distributors, possibly there is a problem with the web site.
I will check back later to see how you got on, unfortunately work is beckoning so I have to leave :(

  €dstowe 15:09 10 Dec 2004

Don't forget your other thread on this click here

  mattyc_92 15:21 10 Dec 2004

You just have to "blow it up" when you print....

Create the document how it is setup on your system at the moment..... Then copy the document onto an external media drive like a floppy disk or CD-R, then load it up on the computer that has the printer installed and conected to it.... Then go to File->Print->Properties->Layout Tab->Advanced->Paper Size and use the "Drop List" to select the paper size and print it out. This should enlarge ALL of the contents of the document to fit on the A3 size paper ("Blow up the document" to this new size)

I can't remember how to do this EXACTLY cause it has been about 1 and a half years ago, but it something like this or in the Page Setup option found in the File menu like Bluesmoon said!!!!

  Cook2 15:34 10 Dec 2004

I'm confused! This has been resolved click here

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