Help Please Seagate FreeAgent External Hard Drive

  Solartopi 17:57 17 Oct 2007

Hi Folks,

I have just purchased a Seagate FreeAgent External Hard drive, 500GB USB2. Setting up was nothing, just had to connect the two Leads.

From my previous Seagate External Hard Drive which is not working any more I have BounceBack Launcher Software but it will not recognise the new Seargate. It goes throught the process of Sizing 'C'&'G' drives ok but then a window says 'Connect & Start up drive to backup to.'
I've unplugged the USB2 lead & plugged it back again several times. On each ocassion it tells me that it has recognised the backup Drive & was Initialising Drivers. After a few moments the same Window appeared, 'Connect & Start up drive to backup to.'

The Seagate is there in My Computer.

I have done A New Driver install from Windows but it says no New Drivers, what it has is the latest. Something to that effect.

Please can anyone HELP!!!!!


  [email protected] 18:07 17 Oct 2007

sorry dont have the answer..
could it be that the software was only licensed with the previous drive.
Send an email to
click here
free back up software powered by acronis from seagate
click here

  Solartopi 18:38 17 Oct 2007


'could it be that the software was only licensed with the previous drive.' You may be right.

The previous drive had an On/Off button and you knew what was happening, the Neon light flashed in action. Nothing of that on the new drive. And it seems to Power off on it's on.

Thanks for the links & prompt reply.


  woodchip 19:25 17 Oct 2007

Just try this it may work, Unplug all your USB's Then switch off your computer pull the Mains Plug and press the start button on the Computer hold for five seconds. Now restart and plug the drive in

  Solartopi 19:57 17 Oct 2007



shall give that a try. I try anything to get it Backingup. The more Expensive Seagate FreeAgent Drives come with their own Backup Software.


  Stuartli 20:00 17 Oct 2007

There's a later version of BounceBack on the CMS website:

click here

  Stuartli 20:02 17 Oct 2007

With my just purchased Seagate external drive (One Touch) there was no need to register the software, merely to install it.

I used it initially and then downloaded the latest version.

  [email protected] 20:06 17 Oct 2007

Hi Solartopi
Im not sure ive read it correctly,but the drive appears in my computer but you cant back up to it using the Bounceback software is that correct?
can you copy n paste to the drive or "send to"

Also have you tried different back up software such as the seagate disc wizard ro something like click here

  [email protected] 20:08 17 Oct 2007

sorry Stuartli
bit slow on the keyboard tonight

  Solartopi 20:41 17 Oct 2007


'The Seagate is there in My Computer' - means that from START > My Computer. So It's installed. No Software came with it.

NO I can't Backup with BounceBack. Sizes everything but Stops at backup. Asking me to 'Connect & Start up drive to backup to.'

'can you copy n paste to the drive or "send to" - I have not tried that yet I took the easy backup choice first. I used to do that with my Old 120GB Archos External Hard Drive. Used to take ages to complete.

Shall try the 'seagate disc wizard ..'



  Solartopi 20:46 17 Oct 2007

Hi *Raven*,

I have Acronis 9 but it doesn't have backup option


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