Help please re: widescreen monitor

  minandmon 11:27 21 Apr 2008

I don't know a huge amount about computers, but I have just bought a 19" widescreen monitor, but my computer doesn't have the recommended resolution for it.

Everything is distorted and stretched which is driving me crazy! I know the ideal resolution should be 1400x900, but how do I go about rectifying this?

Do I need to get a new graphics card for my computer or do I need a new computer? I don't know anything about this sort of thing, so any advice would be very welcome please.

Many thanks

  Diemmess 11:33 21 Apr 2008

Rt click on any space on the desktop view

Choose properties > settings (for 1400x900) and advanced button to select refresh rate 60

Then click apply.

  johnnyrocker 11:33 21 Apr 2008

first thoughts although i dont know much about it is to update graphics? someone with wider exp will be along.


  minandmon 11:41 21 Apr 2008

Thanks Diemmess, but I tried that and it doesn't give me the option for the recommended resolution?!

  gazcoyle 12:18 21 Apr 2008

New graphics card capable of displaying the monitors native resolution is required.

  Fingees 12:18 21 Apr 2008

You can try a lower resolution,
But make sure it is a wide screen resolution,
Then it may not be as sharp as it could be, but shouldn't be distorted.

  DieSse 12:32 21 Apr 2008

Right click on desktop

Choose Properties - Settings - Advanced - Monitor

Then untick the box that say "Hide modes that this monitor can't display"

Then see if you resolution is available - it should be.

  minandmon 12:42 21 Apr 2008

Nope - no luck! Tried what DieSse suggested - system just doesn't have the resolution (and I've tried all the other resolutions).

Thanks for all your help - but sounds like a new graphics card is the only option?!... more money!

  DieSse 12:43 21 Apr 2008

What is your graphics card? - it might be a driver update will give you more resolutions.

  minandmon 12:51 21 Apr 2008

I'm a bit of a computer dunce! How do I find out what graphics card I have please? :)

  Acx 12:58 21 Apr 2008

When you right click the desktop and choose
properties > settings
does it say

(your new monitor) on (your graphics card)

or something like
(unknown monitor) on (your graphics card)?

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