Help please re: updating nvidia drivers for my gra

  McBain 00:05 30 Jul 2004


I recently purchased first desktop PC (Advent 3419a Athlon 64 3400+) with nvidia geforce fx5700 graphics card.

All was well until playing far Cry and Pandorra's Tomorrow. PT for example, started lobbing up big triangular blocks of colour instead of scenery.

I think I may need to update drivers - not done since bought PC a couple of months ago.
My current version is 6.14.105303.

I have gone onto nvidia site,
clicked on software download,
1st box - clicked on graphics drivers, then

box 2 clicked on geforce + tnt2, then box 3 clicked on win xp / 2000.

This takes me to a page with 2 options, US file (12mb) and International (10mB)).

I think I should click on US English option.
Under this I guess I should click the Primary download option rather than mirror 1, 2 or 3.

Having got this far and accepted the agreement terms, should I save the exe file to disc or open (ie into temporary file)?

what then? if I should save to disc, where would you recommend (assuming what I've done so far is right!) - would it be desktop, then click on exe file to update?

or should I create a drivers folder, save it in here, then click on exe file to update.

Any help much appreciated and thanks for taking time to read all of this!

  Smegs 00:08 30 Jul 2004

Make a folder in Windows Explorer, I've called mine "Downloads". Save it to there.

  Night Ryder 00:12 30 Jul 2004

If you are in the UK I should download the international version of the drivers. Use the primary download site ... If this one is slow you can use any of the others. Look for a download nearest to your location. These downloads are quite large so if you are on a modem don't be surprised if it takes anything up to half a hour, sometimes more. You should save the file to your drive. Create a special folder if you wish but you can just as easily save to desktop. Once you have the file double click to install.

  Jonah(without the whale) 09:21 22 Feb 2005

Thanks to this information, whih seems to fit my requirements perfectly, I tried to download the international version of the drivers last night and had to give up - more than two hours were required.
I've left my home machine running this morning to download and still needing the time of two hours plus.
I'm a bit of a novice at this sort of thing and I hope I've got it right, but in all fairness, there seems to be little to get wrong. I've followed McBain's instructions, so lets hope for the best. Just one query - I will have saved the drivers to the desktop - what do I clikc on to install them?

  Adnan 09:42 22 Feb 2005

First uninstall your existing nvidia display driver (control panel / add or remove programs). Reboot, disable antivirus, then double click on the new driver program you've downloaded.

  Jonah(without the whale) 21:02 22 Feb 2005

I downloaded the driver by leaving my machine runing this morning and going to work leaving the downlaod going on. It toof just over two hours.
I did not install the existing drivers - that seems to be the consensus, and just installed the later one, and all seems to be OK.
Thnaks for your help - Night Ryder seems to have it right!

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