help please problems connecting wireless router

  diane007 18:27 03 Jan 2006

have bought us robotics wireless router starter kit. when i unplug cable from comp and plug it into router there are no lights it is not comunicating. have internet fine till i plug into router

  ade.h 19:19 03 Jan 2006

If you're plugging the rj11 phone line cable into the correct port, then perhaps the router is duff?

Are you sure that you are setting it up correctly? RJ11 with its ADSL filter from wall socket into router - it IS a modem/router right? - and then router plugs into the PC with the RJ45 ethernet cable.

We need a bit more info about what components you've got and how you are setting them up.

  diane007 20:01 03 Jan 2006

hi ade.h

i am using ntl cable modem for broadband connection and the us robotics 5462 wireless router. plugged ethernet cable that i was using into wan port on router and used cable provided to connect port 1 to the computer. as soon as i plug modem into router i lose net and i have no wan or ethernet light. i have spoke to there support and they dont no they r investigating and going to ring me. i am desperate to sort this out have already sent one back because they said wan port was fauly. i no someone who has ntl and same router and had no prob.sorry if i didnt explain right first time, i am totally new to routers.

  ade.h 20:49 03 Jan 2006

Okay, I'll have to leave it there and pass you over to someone else, as I'm not familiar with cable modems and their requirements.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

  diane007 21:02 03 Jan 2006

ok ade.h

thanks for trying to help

  mgmcc 21:09 03 Jan 2006

Firstly switch everything off, including the Cable Modem which should be left off for a couple of minutes. Use the *supplied* cable to connect the Cable Modem's ethernet port to the router's WAN port and run a second ethernet cable from one of the router's LAN ports to the PC's network adapter.

Power on the Cable Modem and wait for it to boot fully with all lights showing (I actually have Telewest and get 4 green lights). Then power on the router and wait until it has booted fully and is showing a stable internet connection from the modem. Finally boot the PC.

This sequence is important so that the Cable Modem detects a different connection and allocates a new IP address when the router connects to it. Then the PC needs to get its IP address from the router.

  diane007 08:34 05 Jan 2006

hi thank you for your reply i have tried that excatly as u said but still not getting light i didnt have service pack 2 then dont no if that makes a diff i will try again

  mgmcc 09:01 05 Jan 2006

<<< i didnt have service pack 2 >>>

That doesn't make any difference, the computer that connects to the router doesn't even need to be running a Windows operatating system, it can be using any operating system that supports communication via TCP/IP protocol, such as "Mac OS" or "Linux" etc.

Which particular lights are you not getting that you should be getting?

There would normally be lights something like:

- Power on

- WAN connection (Wide Area Network connection to the Cable Modem

- LAN connections (a light for each LAN port that has a PC connected by ethernet cable)

- Wireless link enabled

  diane007 10:13 05 Jan 2006

not getting the wan connection to the modem no ethernet light on modem with modem and router not comunicating sorry for bing a pain

  mgmcc 13:11 05 Jan 2006

It is possible that you have a faulty cable - are you using one supplied with the router or one of your own that you know to work?

Do other lights come on - for example one of the LAN lights when the PC is connected by cable to the router?

  diane007 18:01 05 Jan 2006

i have spoken to a man in local computer shop and he tried to help on the phone. then i went down and he checked the cables he said i was using one wrong one. so i have tried the new cables still the same, yes i get lan port light on fine. i tried ringing someone to come out before that and they charged £38.00 and hour. if i can get dad to take me to shop he said he will look at it. prob cost about £27 but i cant see what else to do. us robotics was supposed to ring me back coz tech support didnt no wot to do but they havnt. thanks for trying to help i appreciate it.

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