Help please with MTU Failure

  Haplessmart 17:55 12 Jan 2007

I have ntl cable broadband and a BT Voyager 1500 wireless/wired router but can't get my son's damn xbox to work with it wirlessly or enthernet. Xbox works ok when connected straight
to cable box. My desktop and laptop work perfectly wirelessly with voayger. Xbox pre-internet check reckon its a low MTU failure (less than 1365?) but when I telephoned BT they said voyager had minimum default of 1500. They suggested I disable DMZ for xbox to allow all traffic in/out but that didn't work either. They now reckon I should contact NTL and ask them to set my cable modem higher?? for its connection to voyager. Doesn't make sense does it, connect xbox directly works ok , go through router/voyager and it doesn't. PLEASE HELP I'VE BEEN ON THIS NOW FOR WEEKS!!!

  STREETWORK 20:46 12 Jan 2007

Go here my friend and click around,

click here


click here#

and select the option to help with connecting an adapter, follow the instructions...carefully

  Haplessmart 11:26 14 Jan 2007

But I've already been thru all the voyager setup pages and resorted to ringing their helpline (after a 30 minute wait) all to no avail. The other site you offered me appeared to give no explanation, unless I missed something obvious. As I said I got voyager working ok with everything BUT the xbox. Any more ideas???

  harps1h 12:53 14 Jan 2007

there is a program called dr tcpip when downloaded allows you to see and set the MTU from windows. looking at your network settings for the router are you sure the DHCP client list has the xbox listed? is it possible that in the MAC address filtering it is not listed (if being used)? also have you tried temporarily disabling the router firewall to allow the x-box to connect. these are only suggestions not gaurenteed solutions. to put the xbox outside the DMZ you need to specify the ip address of the xbox only.

  Haplessmart 23:23 18 Jan 2007

Thanks for your response but sorry
I omitted to mention I am very green at this whole marlarkey.
Could you please explain more in layman's (idiots) terms where I, if possible, make the changes you suggest and with less abreviations for example DHCP client list ???

  Aargh 13:21 19 Jan 2007

I run the Xbox through a Belkin wireless router - the only way I could get it to connect was by entering all the settings manually - IP address/DNS servers the lot. It was the same for the PSP.

I don't know the configuration for the Voyager, but there should be a setup page you can open to change things. I would start by resetting it to default, then see if it lets you connect when you manually enter all your connection settings in the Xbox. Once you've got it connected, then add security like WPA keys & mac filtering bit by bit.

My connection runs at 1492 - I dont know if the Voyager allows you to manually increase this.

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