rosie12 17:15 11 Mar 2006

Hi, Although I have a free version of avg installed I have somehow got a virus, or trojan horse, I dont know if this is the same thing but it's a nuisence. For instance my firewall wont work, I on xp home...also when I clicked on internet explorer to get to this site up came a nasty old porn site instead, with lots of nasty old bags, YUCK !! luckily I have no young kids here at the moment. I assume this has happened with surfing the net, but why didn't avg pick it up and how can I get rid.....I have run avg and it's told me that I have trojen horses and they are in quaranteen but they must still be there or something is because although I have re-started my system after running avg and doing the quaranteen the same thing is happenning, also my screen is a blue colour instead of the windows screen? anyone please!!

  Diodorus Siculus 17:21 11 Mar 2006

click here
McAfee Inc. - Stinger

This is pretty good.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:21 11 Mar 2006

click here

click here

click here

click here

These are good also. Download, install and update then run.

  NewRoyWidd 17:23 11 Mar 2006

click here
I use this all the while,its effective,and free.

  Diemmess 17:23 11 Mar 2006

It may have come in through the side door so to speak
Messenger Plus and Kazarr are two which are notorious at allowing dodgy sponsored material in while connected.

If you can give details of what appears, a fund of more experienced members will recommend the best approach to clean things up.

As a last resort you can visit click here where realy high powerd help exists if your problem is that severe.

  rosie12 17:49 11 Mar 2006

Well whats happenning now is that a window is constanly coming up telling me i AM INFECTED AND TO USE THEIR PROGRAM TO CHECK MY COMP. I understand that it is a scam, after all I know I'm infected, and the ugly wrinkled old bags are still there:-) but as I said agv isn't working properly to get rid of this, but it has quarantined a load of trojand, shall I delete the trojans? and which one of your links shall I try first guys....Thanks for all your help by the way...

  Diodorus Siculus 18:00 11 Mar 2006

Try stinger as a first option.

Then some of the malware checkers.

  remind 18:03 11 Mar 2006

what is the name of the program you are being asked to download ?

  rosie12 18:19 11 Mar 2006

Hi, I am trying the one that NewRoyWidd gave me first it has found 86 malicious object so far, (only just started it)

  NewRoyWidd 18:32 11 Mar 2006

AM INFECTED AND TO USE THEIR PROGRAM TO CHECK MY COMP. Whats the name of the progam that's giving you that message?Sometimes there are specific ways of removing a particular trojan/virus.
Let a2 run,then remove everything it's found.

  Les 18:34 11 Mar 2006

You say that AVG quarantined the virus/trojan but it is still there?

Have you switched System Restore OFF then run AVG to quarantine it, then switch System Restore on again? I suspect that the trojan is being reinstalled by 'Restore' so giving the impression that AVG has not done it's stuff.

Switching System Restore OFF does, I believe, destroy any data saved by it.

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