help please faulty motherboard or something else?

  frankie 21:53 10 Jun 2003

i bought this board new 1 x MSI K7N2G-ILSR Skt A Geforce4 Intergrated MX440 USB 2.0/Lan/Firewire/SATA And Raid Motherboard, from ebuyer,took it too shop for installation,however am told on fdisk it picks up my full maxtor 7200 hard drive.80gb..but on format will only find 12gb.the installer tried two of his hard drives does the same,any ideas before i return it it will mean am out of pocket with the installation charges if i have to do that.or would xp pick up the full drive,on install? i think installer said he feels hard drive controller on board may be faulty.last time i try a build.

Well, have you tried setting the BIOS to auto-detect and also reset it back to default?

Ebuyer are a great company and have cheap prices. My orders have all arrived a day earlier than expected and everything is fine but I still don't trust them if something goes wrong because they are a pain when it comes to returning faulty goods (according to some people). Expect a long hard battle to get this board replaced.

  woodchip 22:13 10 Jun 2003

There are basically two ways round this upgrade the bios. Or one that easier to do and less risky, Buy a Promise IDE controller card that plugs into a pci slot

  frankie 22:43 10 Jun 2003

bios wont detect full gb,rather then upgrade would i be better returning board with all hassle involved as not fit for purpose as faulty? what would pci controller cost should i go that way?

  Totally-braindead 23:03 10 Jun 2003

I never deal with Ebuyer any more due to too many faulty items and the pain of returning the items, if the motherboard cannot detect the hard drive then I would return it ask for a refund and go somewhere else for a motherboard.
One thought before you do this though, you say you took it to a shop for installation, does this mean you have bought the item from Ebuyer and want a computer shop owner to build it for you using parts he didn't supply? If so and you don't know this person ie if hes not a personal friend then there is the possibilty that hes deliberately messing things up, after all he never sold you the part and therefore never received any cash from it. Apologies to the guy if hes genuinely had the above problem but if you return the item to Ebuyer and they find its not faulty then you'll not get a refund.

  frankie 23:43 10 Jun 2003

this guy is good he has tried other hard drives of his own is friend of friend,i did buy from ebuyer and a few peeps have said there dodgy,will post return out come on here,if they are,thanks for response,no more diy for me,as ebuyer goods dont seem too good the power supply/case was also faulty and gone back

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