HELP please - back to desktop

  dnjl 11:07 17 Nov 2009

When I am playing any game - recently after about half an hr. I just get thrown back to desktop - I then ckick on game icon and it puts me back in game where I was. BUT this is so annoying. any ideas why this could be?

I am not sure. Could you please tell me what graphics card you have? What game are you playing? What operating system? How much RAM?

Oh sorry and how much hard drive space?

  scotty 22:29 17 Nov 2009

Perhaps some other running program or process is grabbing control. What have you installed or changed recently? One possibility is a firewall program.

  dnjl 23:12 18 Nov 2009

Hi iApp

I have a Sapphire Radeon X1950 XTX graphics card.
I play WOW
XP Home s.p.3
Hard Drive space Total 372GB - Used 38.1GB

Please how do I find out what RAM I have? I do not seem to be able to find anything that tells me.

  dnjl 23:13 18 Nov 2009

Hi scotty

Not changed any Firewall programm. I use Zone Alarm.

  donki 11:14 19 Nov 2009

I agree with Scotty, you have another program running which is causing your windows to jump to the desktop. Have you any programs running msn, yahoo? What programs are active in your sytem tray?

  wee eddie 13:12 19 Nov 2009

Many games have a Key Code that does just as you describe.

This is so that those playing the Game 'at work' can save their asses!

  scotty 15:22 19 Nov 2009

Try disabling Zonealarm to see if the problem goes away. If the game tries to access the internet but does not have permission set in ZA then you can get the symptoms you describe.

  dnjl 17:51 19 Nov 2009

Hi all

I play WOW (World of Warcraft) an internet game.

Tried Zonealarm - no effect. 30mins. on the dot. I'm back to screensave, but with just 1 click I'm back in game where I was.

Nothing else running that I know of.

I've been playing this game for a no. of years and this is 1st time this has happened.

  wee eddie 03:34 20 Nov 2009

could be one of them

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