help please

  tanzanite 20:15 18 Jun 2003

im wondering if my pc probs are ever gonn go away,turned pc on hour ago took ages for it to load,noticed icon in taskbar for norton firewall was missing so i clicked on it from the desktop,no response,went to start/prog/selected it from there no joy.Cant even get into antivirus to see whats happening in there.I was able to do win doctor which didnt detect promblems.pc is crawling so slow.

  Nellie2 20:21 18 Jun 2003

Could be a virus

Do an online scan here. click here

  Jomi 20:22 18 Jun 2003

have you downloaded windows hotfix Q811493 a while ago?
I believe it's been fixed now but it was known to cause system slowdowns.
Go to add/remove programs and check for it, if it's there delete it, you can always get it again later if this doesn't work.

You can also try:
go to start/run and type msconfig, look for the start up tab and uncheck any programs you don't need at start up, that could help.

  Gaz 25 20:26 18 Jun 2003

Also the latest Update to Norton Firewall causes this, search for my thead Warning to all Norton Firewall 2003 users!

  graham√ 20:46 18 Jun 2003

Or search for 'help please'.

  Nellie2 20:49 18 Jun 2003

Can you post a link to your thread, I have done a search but can't find it!!

  tanzanite 20:57 18 Jun 2003

im still waiting on this scan Nellie2 gave me.I did update norton today it was fine until i shut down would this affect my anti virus too,is there a way round this what shall i do?

  VoG® 21:00 18 Jun 2003
  tanzanite 21:07 18 Jun 2003

tell me is it ok to stop this scan that nellie gave me its not done yet waiting at least45mins on it.dont wont to click on your link till its done.

  VoG® 21:09 18 Jun 2003

Stop the scan - you don't have a virus; you have buggy software from Norton.

  tanzanite 21:18 18 Jun 2003

Went to your link its a bit much for me to digest,is it easy enough done?

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