help please

  sarah55 20:34 01 Jul 2009


ive just bought an epson bx300f the cartridges that came with it are finished and ive bought 2 sets of competible ones but the printer wont recognise them
ive just dowloaded the ssc tool thing but dont know how to use it can someone please help me
i want to reset the printer so it can accept competible cartridges how do i go about it ?

ive posted on another forum this morning and no one seems to be intrested in helping :(
so thought id post on this one
thanks alot.

  Stuartli 20:40 01 Jul 2009

I have an Epson R300 that happily accepts compatible cartridges bought from click here (perhaps the cheapest compatibles in the UK).

I normally only use SSC to check out the levels of ink remaining and for printer control when changing cartridges.

Are you certain that they are the correct type of cartridges?

  MAT ALAN 20:43 01 Jul 2009

there is no guarantee your printer will recognise compat carts, are they chipped like the genuine ones.

click here

  sarah55 20:43 01 Jul 2009

thankyou for your reply
yes they are the same thing just competible not original

they are t0715 multipack.

  MAT ALAN 20:53 01 Jul 2009

I have an epson R240 had an issue with some compats until i found carts that work as well as the genuine.

Only thing i did to make them work was to gently prize the chip off from the carts i know worked and replaced them with the ones that didn't...

  sarah55 20:55 01 Jul 2009

i cant really swap chips as the genuine cartridges chips are small and the competibles i bought have slightly longer chips.

is there any other way i could get to use the competibles ?


  MAT ALAN 21:02 01 Jul 2009

is there any other way i could get to use the competibles ?

Probably not then, you may need to find a supplier that sells compats with the same size chip...

  sarah55 21:10 01 Jul 2009

dont think they state the size of the chips on the websites?

ive bought 2 sets of competibles so far..
1 set from amazon n other set from 999inks

both competible and both difrent sized chips?

is there not anyway i can reset the printer so it doesnt recognise competible inks ?

  MAT ALAN 21:17 01 Jul 2009

Its not just the chip that may be the issue.
Some printers identify only certain types of ink. Once again, herein, the cartridge is not the problem. It is the ink in the cartridge that needs to be checked, how you would do that is beyond me..

You could try uninstalling the printer and going through the setup process again...

  sarah55 22:16 01 Jul 2009

what would i need to do difrently during setup that would make a change in settings pls ?

  MAT ALAN 22:23 01 Jul 2009

Not really sure just follow prompts as usual, see what happens...

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