Help Please

  alanstan 08:28 26 May 2008

As I am still learning things can you help me ?
I have Pentium `D` installed on my PC but was told it would run faster on a proper fast Pentium dual core,
I have already done a scan to check how much ram I can fit and it told I could go up to 4gb which I have done( DDR2 6600) but it has made only a little differance,

I do not have a lot of things installed to slow it down,

If I get Dual core which one should I get and can a novice install it easy ??

  jack 08:51 26 May 2008

Help Please is no way to start a thread.
The title should refer to the question or if a few words will cover be the question.
Then we know what we are in for.

The machine you have is running at the speed it was designed to run at-
Download this system checker program click here

This will tell you what is going on.

When people tell you this that or the other thing will make the machine go faster -take it with a pinch of salt.
Visit here regularly and pick up tips on how to keep the system sweet, how to make use of utilities such as Ccleaner to remove temporary file built up
And leave it at that
As you get more experience and have more money to spend go for a new base unit - don't waste time adding bit's unless of course you are a budding experimenter.

  €dstowe 09:16 26 May 2008

What jack has told you is very true.

If you are told of other things that will make your machine go faster (especially things that appear on web pages without you asking for them) be very careful.

The people here are very helpful (and friendly) so, come back often with any problems and queries but please, as jack says, give an indication of the problem in the title.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:17 26 May 2008

What machine?
make model of motherboard?
Operating system? Vista or XP?
4G is too much for XP.

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