Help Please, 2.4GHz Wireless-G ADSL Gateway

  Zebrapec 20:02 11 Sep 2005

My daughter has just got a laptop and was given (virtualy) a Wireless-G ADSL Gateway as a package.
I have a Tiny PC upgraded to run WIN xp and aol Broadband, and 2 USB1 which run a 4 way hub for the printer, BT Voyager 105 USB ADSL Modem, and digital camera and it all works fine.
However my daughter now needs to connect her laptop to the internet. My desktop computer is just next to the main phone socket.
Do I need anything extra for my computer to work ie card, sofware, etc as well as the laptop, and what problems will I come up against?
Really I am reluctant to alter my computer/internet connections as it is running so well, but........

  Taff36 20:57 11 Sep 2005

Need to know perhaps a little bit more but in principle the wireless router attaches to your phone line (BT I presume) and then we connect your Tiny PC to the router, either with a wireless USB adapter or an internal ethernet card with cable. The laptop I presume is wireless enabled anyway? Obviously all needs to be configured but that can be done fairly painlessly.

Exactly which router make and model is it? Are both on XP? Does the Tiny PC already have an ethernet card. (Some of them did - so tell us which model Tiny it is)

You can do this all in stages to avoid disruption and if all goes pear shaped simply revert back to your current configuration. For example we could set up a wireless link between the router and laptop first and then try to connect that to AOL BB without touching your computer. Then if we have difficulty you can simply unplug the new router and plug your old one back in!

Once we have your daughter online with the wireless we can connect your PC. Finally we donate the old Voyager to charity and set up a network so your daughter can use the printer and swap files between both computers.

By the way, you won`t get any help from AOL with this. They will want to charge you for their Gold Service at an extra £6 per month. Let`s see where we get first.

  Zebrapec 17:56 12 Sep 2005

Ok, but I'm still confused, are you saying that the router could include a modem?
Model Number: WAG54G-UK
Make: Linksys
We are both on XP
How can I tell if my Tiny has an ethernet card
Sorry to sound stupid

  Zebrapec 18:50 12 Sep 2005

Plus:- I have a card but it only has normal "Phone" and "Line" sockets which are not used at the moment because I am using a USB1 socket to connect to the BT modem.
I have tried, as you suggested my daughters laptop and the router, and it picks it up. I did not go any further because I want to set up the system on my desktop computer. I found I could not do this yet as I was not connected to the router.
Please can you tell me what ethernet card to purchase. Are they all the same? do I get a wireless one or a cable one?etc
thanks again, help much appreciated

  Zebrapec 18:59 12 Sep 2005

And again:- I have heard/or read that you can plug a USB wireless stick into a USB socket and this does the same as a ethernet card! is this correct? and which is best, card or stick?

  Taran 19:24 12 Sep 2005

The router you mention has its own built in ADSL modem.

They're a pretty decent router - well featured and reasonably good to set up and configure.

AOL though, is pants for router support.

In the router box you will find a blue network cable (hopefully).

Its ends fit into the row of ports on the router. To see if you have a network card, look for the same size port on the back of your PC. If you find one the cable fits into then you have a network card.

The telephone line running from the socket to your current modem goes into the telephone socket on the back of the router.

The network cable runs from one of the ports on the back of the router to the netwrok card on your PC. There's your connection from PC to router to broadband.

Since you say you don't have a network card, you can get one for a few pounds from any computer outlet. PC World have them as will any other PC hardware supplier. It may be worth having it fitted or get a willing accomplice who knows computers to assist.

If your daughters laptop has wireless built in, she can connect to the router without a cable. If not, she will need a network cable from the router to the port on her laptop.

The real fun comes with setting up AOL on routers. See where you get with a network card on your PC and we'll sort the rest out for you.


  Taran 19:25 12 Sep 2005

A USB wireless adapter is OK, but I prefer network cards and cables or PCI expansion card wireless adapters in general. That could be me being a tad old fashioned though, but USB draws more system resources in general terms than a built in network or wireless card.

  Zebrapec 20:00 12 Sep 2005

Ok, It might be at the end of the week before I can get to PC world, so I will let you know what happens. thanks for the help so far, I will get in touch if I have more problems. Thanks again.

  Taff36 22:29 12 Sep 2005

Is this the router? click here

  Taff36 22:46 12 Sep 2005

Tiny Computer details?

Taran is probably right. You need an internal card with an aerial OR a simple USB wireless adapter. (Sorry Taran - you can move these about to the best position)

Zebrapec - What you describe is a normal dial up 56K modem - "normal Phone and Line sockets which are not used at the moment" - usefull as backup though!

Back to my plan - can we configure your daughters computer to access the internet on it`s own? Before we spend any money! Then we can debate the rest!

  Zebrapec 23:42 12 Sep 2005

Here is some more info.
Tiny computer. year 1998
Intel Pentium II 350MHz Processor.
High Performance Intel 440BX Chipset.
520MB Fast SDRAM 100MHz.
2x6.4Gb Ultra DMA Hard Disk Drives.
17" Monitor.
I know it is old, but apart from the processor fan breaking and the odd floppy drive going it has not let me down (yet)
Intergrated 8MBSD AGP RagePro(2x)Graphics.
As for configuring my daughters computer first, I held back because in the "Quick set up guide" it states 'Turn on the Gateway, then, turn on the first PC that you want to use to configure the Gateway. Does this mean My daughter will have complete control on her laptop?

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