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  Picks1 22:42 28 May 2006

Hello everyone - new poster here.
I am looking to buy a PC (would prefer a laptop/notebook just because of lack of space) but haven't a clue what to look for. There are so many to choose from.
Essentially, I'll be mainly using it for web browsing, burning CDs, downloading MP3s, photos and playing the odd game. Maybe something reasonably expandable with 60G hard drive??
I don't really want to be paying more than £600 so if anyone has any suggestions, I would be most grateful.

  namtas 23:05 28 May 2006

For a very good price and a very sound build I would certainly consider DELL, the downside they can be slightly more awkward or expensive to change some parts as some items none standard. If you are not likely to want to do any mods then this should not bother you. You really need to decide waht you will use it for, if for instance you are likely to save loads of photos then disk storage size should be considered. With a desktop PC you may consider two seperate drives for security. other considerations would be the software installed.

  skidzy 23:29 28 May 2006

I totally agree with namtas regarding Dell,ive just bought this and so far very happy with it...this is my 2nd Dell in my collection click here

Hope this helps.

  terryf 00:38 29 May 2006

But, google for Dell problems, I have read some horror stories, also search consumerwatch for dell

  namtas 08:12 29 May 2006

terryf, to be fair you should advise Picksl to google each any every computer manufacturer and supplier, even then it would not be an equal comparison as DELL sell a far larger proportion of PC than any other producer, so statisically you would be expected to see more problems than xyz who shifts 10 a week. Also you must remember that by nature consumers do not complain about good servive.

Picks1, if you decide to use terryf's advice then you should remember DELL are the single largest producers of PC systems in the world. just look at any large world wide corporate organision, you will see DEll.

I have no commercial or private link to DELL My only link to DELL is that I use them.

  namtas 08:13 29 May 2006


  Forum Editor 08:44 29 May 2006

As namtas says, Dell are the world's largest manufacturers of computers, and despite what some people might tell you they make superb machines.

All manufacturers get complaints - it's inevitable when you sell complex consumer electronics devices - but Dell make millions of computers each year (they sell 140,000 laptops alone each day), and the vast majority of those machines work perfectly.

  semag 09:03 29 May 2006

Go into PC World, tell them what you want and get the best you can afford, just make sure it's got a half decent graphics card.

  Picks1 14:24 29 May 2006

Thanks for the responses everyone. You wouldn't be the first to recommend Dell to me by the way so that's a good starting point. Cheers.

  Smiler 14:59 29 May 2006

Firstly welcome to the site I think you will find it very informative but I would like to mention a couple of points
Firstly, When you post try and use a title that reflects what the thread is about so that those with the necessary expertise will see the thread and respond.
and secondly if you feel that your query has be answered don't forget to tick the thread.
Again welcome to the site and don't be afraid to ask questions :-)

  qinesiq 22:43 01 Jun 2006

Picks1 are you a student per chance? Or perhaps have a family member who is one?

Try these people –
click here

I bought a sony vaio via them when I was at uni - had no probs although my vaio died last September due to a small flood (thanks to me drooling the contents of my water bottle all over it)!

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