help please ...

  woofwoofbark 19:19 21 Nov 2004

Ive just had a call from a friend telling me about his comp ... well...

He handed in his comp to a shop to be repaired , he had a new motherboard battery installed aswell as a new harddrive plus windows xp home ... he got it home and all was well , added his bt yahoo cdrom ect ... got connected to the net then a box appeared telling him to save his work as he has 1 minute before the comp restarts , the comp restarted but windows doesnt open , he says everything is fine the winXP home apears with the sliding bar as it loads then the screen goes blank and stays that way , the arrow from the mouse is on the screen but nothing happens just a blank screen , hes tried restarting but its just ends up the same way (i told him id ask you guys before he hands it into the shop again incase you knew anything that could be done !)



  VoG II 19:22 21 Nov 2004

I'm not sure what can be done but it sounds very much like he's got a virus such as the Blaster worm.

  JIM 19:26 21 Nov 2004

Blaster worm tool.

click here

  woofwoofbark 19:27 21 Nov 2004

he got a clean new hd (old one blew on him)with the shop installing winXP home on it ... he never downloaded anything ? the shop said it was working fine after they repaired it and picked it up and ran installed as i said above



  stalion 19:28 21 Nov 2004

possibly picked up a virus has he got a firewall and anti-virus software installed.Are you getting any error message?

  JIM 19:29 21 Nov 2004

Would be better if you downloaded the tool and all other normal fixes then install to your friends computer.

  woofwoofbark 19:29 21 Nov 2004

no he said after the window loader disapears the screen just stays blank , nothing else

  mattyc_92 19:31 21 Nov 2004

He/she needs to do a Windows Update to correct this. There is a problem with Windows that does do this. But if SP2 is installed this problem should be resolved

  woofwoofbark 19:31 21 Nov 2004

how could i load it onto his comp if windows wont open


  stalion 19:33 21 Nov 2004

have you got the xp cd if so you will have to try a repair

  JIM 19:33 21 Nov 2004

on bootup.

also,info for virus attention and poss others.

click here;en-us;826955

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