Help please.

  ///A M G 18:32 08 Mar 2004

i installed Tweak ui. its a windows xp home power toy. I changed some setting on there which where to do with controll panel. What i changed by mistake all the icons in the sub directorys went, but instead moved to 'other controll panel options. which is on the left hand side. I want to get my controll panel back to normale. PLEASE HELP!!! Sytem restore is a NO.

  Proxy Worm 18:41 08 Mar 2004

Cant you go back into Tweak UI and change the panel back into original state. Just a thought!

  ///A M G 18:45 08 Mar 2004

i tryed that, they move it back to the other setting panel where ther ment to be

  ///A M G 19:34 08 Mar 2004

Please help, i am realy worried

Your last post "Please help I am really worried" suggests that this is not your machine and you have been tinkering with things you perhaps should not have otherwise it would not surely worry you that much?

I am not entirely sure what it is you have done as you dont really explain it too well, perhaps you could give some more detail?

Failing that, and if my suspicions are correct I would suggest putting your hands up to the owner of the machine and admitting your errors as soon as possible. I have just had a good friend of mine phone me who's son's computer would not conect top the network I installed (Son has own PC because he keeps B*ggering up dads other two) When asked "What have you done" the reply "I only switched it on and it would not connect" meant that we spent nearly an hour on the phone trying to solve it. When we finally got to the bottom of it the machine had been swiched on for ages, many downloads made and several dubios "Updates" installed. Had he told us this we would have been able to resolve the issue much sooner and tempers would not have been so frayed.

Truth will out and far better to be honest and acknowledge your mistakes sooner so that the problems can be resolved. Also, it is a very valuable lesson - learn from your mistakes! (Apologies if this is your own PC but then you would not be so worried if only your icons have changed?)

  ///A M G 20:19 08 Mar 2004

it is my own computer, the reason i am scared is because i have enver had such a problem. i will explain a bit more better:

I installed Tweak UI for windows XP.
On there, there was an option for changing the controll panel. I changed something on there with out relising what it was doing.
When i looked at my controll panel i went into :accessilbilty options : and no icons where in there. They had all gone, just text which wasnt normally there. I went into the' other controll panel settings' and the had moved to there. My controll panel does not look normail. If it help shall i email you screen dumps?

  bremner 20:25 08 Mar 2004

Put your XP disk in the drive and go to Start>Run

Type sfc /scannow

Let the process complete and see if this has restored your control panel setup.

  bremner 20:25 08 Mar 2004

Should have said after typing in sfc /scannow hit OK

  ///A M G 20:32 08 Mar 2004

ill try thanks

  TommyRed 21:49 08 Mar 2004

Notice the space after sfc and before / HTH TR

  ///A M G 18:11 09 Mar 2004

I reinstalled my OS as an upgrade, and my control panel is working fine, thanks for that 'bremner' and 'TommyRed'.
However for some reason when I log in, some things don’t load up as fast as before the problem occurred, below is a list.

1) Logging into my account now takes 10 to 15 seconds instead of 2/3 seconds.

2) Programs which load up at start such as Norton antivirus, zone alarms (firewall) and other windows one like volume control and network connection take very long compared to before from 2/3 seconds now to 14 seconds.

But everything else seems to be working like is use to be. I don’t understand why it is taking so long for the above actions to load.
Can anyone help?

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact I reinstalled my OS or something to do with virtual memory.

I have also tried changing the amount of CPU usages to background programs, this has no affect, I also have tried installing DirectX9.0b this also does not have any affect.

If you need my spec of my machine it is below:

OS: Windows XP Home
CPU: P4 2.80 Ghz
RAM: 512 DDR
HDD: 120GB

I would like to get my machine back to its optimal performance!

P.S I noticed one thing, when you push CTRL+ALT+DEL the task manager comes up and show processes, do you think I need to change the priority of them, only thing is I can remember which ones what, however I did try that and when I logged back in the changes where gone.

Please may I also take this opportunity to say what a pointless person 'Smiffy99' is. It may sound sill to you but certain thing like the control panel not working correct on my computer alerts me, an to add to that you think that I done that to someone’s computer.

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