help play Video-ts files please.

  Miros 13:20 29 Nov 2007

My in-laws from down-under have just sent a DVD formated in Video-TS. I can't get my PC to play anything other than the opening title, it sticks there and I know it should have sound but I don't hear any. Can anyone help please.

  eedcam 13:49 29 Nov 2007

dvd is Video TS . explore the dvd and you should see Audio Ts and video ts there will be nothing in the audio folder but the ts will show either just Vob files or a selection of Vob and Ifo etc.,. Aus uses a different region to us but dont think that is the problem as its on the pc. You could try this free player VLC it will play most files click here you also need to view it on a standalone player and it does,nt work let me know

  David4637 13:54 29 Nov 2007

As eed says if there is no AUDIO_TS folder it will probably not play on a DVD player. It will probably play on your computer though. David

  The F1 Help Key 13:55 29 Nov 2007

If you want a cleaner look or you want to hide a certain icon in your trayicons near the clock do the following:

1. Click Start and than choose \'Run\'
2. Type in \'Regedit\' (without quoted ofcourse)
3. Go to this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/Explorer
4. Add a \'REG_DWORD\' entry called \'NoTrayItemsDisplay\'
5. Open it and give it the HEX value 1 instead of 0
6. Close regedit and reboot your computer

Control + Alt + Delete will bring you to the Windows Task Manager if you need to close an app.

  David4637 13:56 29 Nov 2007

Let us know the other file types in the video_ts folder. David

  Miros 15:12 29 Nov 2007

Thanks everyone. Windows media player would only play the opening title and no sound, but I eventually got it to play with Real Player after a lot of twiddling with controls etc. I wasn't straight forward.

I have since been informed that it was created with a program called Windows Media Maker! Though when I googled that, all I could find was Windows Movie Maker. Since it's now past their bedtime down-under I'll have to check that out tomorrow.

Thanks again for everyone's help.

  Miros 15:30 29 Nov 2007

The file types in the folder are as follows:


VTS_01_0 BUP
VTS_01_1 IFO
VTS_01_1 VOB
VTS_01_2 VOB
VTS_01_3 VOB.

The only thing that means anything to me there is Video :-(

  eedcam 18:15 29 Nov 2007

The Vob 's are what you watch the others are instructions to the player Miros and that looks correct do try VLC player as I said and if that wont play it hardly anything will.
As for the source doubt it was windows mediaplayer and movie maker cant make dvd's (maybe with vista)

  eedcam 18:16 29 Nov 2007

David I've come across several Commercial dvd's recently with no Audio Ts file and no problem

  Miros 20:13 29 Nov 2007

This is a home made 60th birthday celebration DVD covering the life of the 60 year old in question,using old photos, music and more recent movie films.

It's of no commercial value to anyone and only of interest to the family concerned, as I say I managed to watch it using Real Player but will try your VLC player it may be better. Thanks again.

  Miros 20:31 29 Nov 2007

No luck with VLC, all it will do is open up the title and nothing else JUST the same as Windows Media Player, which I find strange you would think if it could read that much it would be able to go the whole way and finish the job.

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