help, photos too dark and not quite right

  shimie 17:25 07 Dec 2005

It would be great if someone could help me. I have an Epson Stylus Photo R200. I have a DELL laptop and use windows XP. I take photos with a Konica Minolta Dimage X50.

The pictures look great on the PC but when printed come out too dark and often with orange faces. I have tried everything I can think of. Changes of paper, fiddling about with setting on the print preferences etc etc.

Funny thing is that when I used the paper I got with the printer, they turned out fine. I bought more of the paper and the photos are dark and folk have oranges faces once more.

i am tearing my hair out. Help would be appreciated. Merci

  csqwared 18:40 07 Dec 2005

Can only offer some general ideas. Have you checked all the colours are printing, I believe this is a six colour jobbie. Try a head/nozzle clean. You might have corrupted drivers, try a re-install of them.


  Sharpamatt 18:57 07 Dec 2005

I found this on mine and have done both cleaning and re installation of drivers.

I actually seem to get a better print just useing basic setting and without changing the paper setting to Photo Paper,

so will be following to see how others deal with it

  flyingbrit 19:21 07 Dec 2005

I know this may sound a bit strange , but I had a similar problem with an Epson C62, and I tried everything I could think of. In the end out of desperation I tried a different cable from the printer to the pc and everything suddenly corrected itself.....could be worth a try.

  shimie 20:54 07 Dec 2005

"I actually seem to get a better print just useing basic setting and without changing the paper setting to Photo Paper,"

Sharpamatt - this makes sense to me actually, seeing as my first prints were fine - when I didnt really know what I was doing - I might have been using the basic setting.

  woodchip 21:01 07 Dec 2005

You should be able to create your own colour map in the printer properties under Advanced when you press print. This takes time to create just print small sizes on the paper you normally use till you get it as you want it there are sliders for adjusting colour contrast brightness in mine. You have to save the map and load it when you want to print photos it will keep all the settings

  shimie 22:34 07 Dec 2005

Right, woodchip, if I have got it right, you are saying that i should experiment with the different settings, print out small thumbnail prints until I get it right, memorise the settings and use them when ever I want to print again.

Is that what you mean by a map? i have used the colour contrasts, as I get orange faces, I have reduced magenta but it does not seem to make much difference. Trial and error, I guess. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it

  flyingbrit 22:40 07 Dec 2005

it could be not enough cyan or yellow.....

  woodchip 23:34 07 Dec 2005


More Contrast makes reds look more so. you have to add blue green etc.

You have plenty of sliders to test with, use the same file name each time you save and it will over write the Map file until you get it OK. Then when you want to print just load the colour Map. I have your Problem when scanning old photos on my Epson Perfection Scanner, but they look OK on screen. If I print direct Photos from Digital camera I have no Problems. And the Scanner is just as yours too much red

  shimie 00:20 08 Dec 2005

This is good advice, thank you. Just not sure what you mean by colour map. Do you mean that I save the colour setting each time - I can do that by giving the setting a name. Is that setting a 'map'?

  woodchip 18:03 08 Dec 2005


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