help with photos

  uk gareth 06:40 19 Mar 2004

i posted a few days ago about my bad checksum on boot up which means i cant boot my pc up at all,so the only thing i can do is reinstall windows,but i have my holiday photos on there and would like to keep this possible?
many thanks Gareth.

  woodchip 10:29 19 Mar 2004

Try fitting a new motherboard battery, with the power turned off

  anchor 13:30 19 Mar 2004

An "over the top" re-installation of Windows should not lose your pictures.

  pj123 15:03 19 Mar 2004

As anchor says, a re-install of windows over the top won't lose your data but it doesn't always work. It is worth a try though. There is another problem though. You may get a message saying that "an operating system already exists" and won't let you go any further. The way round that is to download a bootdisk from click here and restart your computer from the bootdisk with CD support, and do a windows setup again.

  pj123 15:07 19 Mar 2004

Sorry, that was silly of me. If you can't boot you obviously can't get a bootdisk. If you have access to another computer (a friend or neighbour) you can email me your address and I will post you a bootdisk.

  scotty 15:08 19 Mar 2004

Do you have access to another pc? You could try fitting the disc as a slave in a pc and rescue any files you need.

  JerryJay 15:10 19 Mar 2004

Do not messup with hard drive unless you are 100% sure, otherwise you would loss all your photos. There are many ways to get your photo first before you do any re-install, data may be killed for reinstall, all depends on how your data are stored.

There are many ways to do it safely, but it is better to ask a IT "guru" to help you get your data first. One of safe ways is to put hard disk to another working computer and recover from there.

As said by woodchip, may be just need to fit a new motherboard battery, with the power turned off.

  woodchip 15:13 19 Mar 2004

A bad checksum, means you have problems of the BIOS storing it's BIOS settings that's why you need a Battery before anything

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