Help with PCI IDE Controller Card

  Tj_El 22:33 23 Apr 2004


I bought an IDE card from Ebuyer (Innovision EIO DM-8401H Ata133 IDE Controller Card ) but tonight when I installed it in my system, it does not appear to work.

My mother board is the ASUS A7V333 and is Non-RAID which the card supports.

I connected my HDD's to the card and the CD drives to the motherboard but got the BIOS message that Primary and Secondary drives failed.

I am wondering if my set-up is incorrect...?

Please help. I want to ensure it's not me before I begin RMA procedures.



  Zak 22:44 23 Apr 2004

I think that you need to have your HDD with the Operating system connected to the motherboard - Primary Channel.

  Zak 22:51 23 Apr 2004

BTW, normally 4 drives can be run from the motherboard. What drives do you have?

Primary - Master and Slave
Secondary - Master and Slave

How many additional drives does your PCI card take? Also does it have on board BIOS?

  Tj_El 22:55 23 Apr 2004

Hi Zak,

Thanks for the quick response.
I have 3 Maxtor HDD's and 2 optical drives - 1 x CD-ROM and 1 x CD-RW. Am thinking of getting a DVD+-RW/RAM drive also which will probably replace the CD-ROM.

I was told by a friend to hook my HDD's to the card and the optical drives to the motherboard...

Was this advice incorrect? Would you know if there is a particular preference for which PCI slot is used?

  Tj_El 00:12 24 Apr 2004

Bingo! Thanks Zak, your advise worked. I was expecting to see the PCI card connected CD drive showing in the BIOS but it doesn't. When all the drives were correctly identified, then the PCI card kicked in and reoprted the CD as commected with DMA 2.

As the CD drive does not show I cannot amend the DMA setting in the BIOS. I can amend it under the Device manager though.

Thanks again.


  Tj_El 00:41 24 Apr 2004

oops! Spoke too soon..

under the Properties of the PCI controller - shows as "VIA Bus Master IDE Controller" (I think.. as the other 2 are Primary IDE and Seconday IDE), there is no "Advanced Setting" tab to allow checking of the transfer mode... :(

I can only assume (from the literature) that the correct DMA setting is applied.

  Zak 11:34 24 Apr 2004


I run Win98se and also have a PCI Controller Card. It even has RAID, but I just use it as a plain Controller. Re your comments on DMA, I never thought about it. I have now checked and I can confirm that my properites and BIOS details reflect same information as yours. Mine works with no problems.

You may wish to post another subject requesting for advice as to what is the optimum configuration for all your planned devices, i.e. which ones Master and slave on motherboard and on PCI Controller. My knowledge is limited in this area.

For info my setup is:

IDE Controller Motherboard:

Primary IDE Master = HDD - 13GB with Win98SE

Primary IDE Slave = ZIP Drive

Secondary IDE Master = DVD ROM

Secondary IDE Slave = CD Rewriter

PCI Contoller:

Primary Master = HDD - 60GB

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