Micromagic 23:04 02 Apr 2007

The problems with my laptop occurred just before 1st April 2007.

At first for example I found that the whole layout of My Documents page had changed to the first layout offered by Windows Classic view but it had the blue banner at the left hand side; then the tool bars went missing and had to be re-set so that the back and forwards arrows could be used.

Then when it came to opening an actual document the laptop refused to do this and would bring up “Search Companion” each time the mouse was clicked twice to open a document. Opening every other file including Music and Pictures was also offered with the Search companion rather than going straight to the file.

Then there were problems with the System Restore; even now whenever I try to access System Restore it will not go back enough and sticks at 1st April 2007. Then as the PC reboots and restarts a message appears saying that the PC cannot system restore!

I have since downloaded PC Mighty Max which identified at least 280 errors and 2 damaged registry paths. I also downloaded Spyware doctor which has quarantined 185 viruses. Whatever viruses I have, the Norton Antivirus didn’t recognise anything at the time despite repeated full scans and scans on folders and programs.

At the moment the laptop is behaving as best it can. However I will be transferring all my files to a removable firelight software tool and will try the product disc – I really don’t need this at a time when I have essays to do for Uni! Any help would be greatly appreciated; this is a new laptop and it is still under guarantee. Am I doing the correct procedure to transfer My documents and other files to a removable disk? The Spyware and PC Mighty Max has identified that there are two damaged registry paths which probably explains why the PC starts up with mysterious icons appearing in the task bar (such as language bar) and automatically goes to Program Files once everything has settled down instead of my normal desktop.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!!

  woodchip 23:08 02 Apr 2007

Have updated your AV each day???

  Kate B 23:15 02 Apr 2007

I think PC Mighty Max might be causing some of your problems click here I suggest you install Adaware, Spybot, Windows Defender and A Squared, all of which I've found to be very good. Others here like Superantispyware so that's probably worth installing too. Do scans with all of those and let them fix problems. You should also scan with up to date AV software - Norton won't identify any problems if it isn't up to date.

  p;3 23:30 02 Apr 2007

click here

click here

click here

click here

try that lot; as as Kate b says you have seemingly downloaded a nasty itself ;why may one ask did you take on board the
pc Mighty max? was it 'recommended ' to you?

  skidzy 23:34 02 Apr 2007

I think you have a major case for the Malware Removal Forum.
Your system is in need of a good overhaul.The above suggestions are sound and will certainly help,but if you still have problems,follow this:

Download Hijackthis to your desktop click here then goto
click here and post the HJT log and let the experts deal with this.

  skidzy 23:35 02 Apr 2007

The above and more click here

  p;3 23:40 02 Apr 2007

please satisfy my curiosity and let us know from where the 'pc mighty max' was 'recommended'?

  Totally-braindead 23:41 02 Apr 2007

I did wonder when I saw this post as I had never heard of this Mighty Max and thought it might be suspect.
The link Kate B gave makes it clear that its one of those programs that exagerates things to make you buy it whether there is a problem or not.

  p;3 23:46 02 Apr 2007

I WAS beginning to wonder if it was another 'must have' I had not heard of to add to my own arsenal; or to help with my cleaning of a comp elsewhere; I may have changed me mind,,,,rapidly

  Micromagic 00:07 03 Apr 2007

Well...Ive had MightyMax before and it seems to clear up the registry problems. I googled Spybot and downloaded Spydoctor which works really well and has so far quarantined the viruses.

However my question goes further and thank you for all your suggestions. As I have a spy doctor/ware already Im wondering if I should cancel both subscriptions (can you do that within 24 hours?!) and try what you have suggested. However if I back up all documents and try the recovery disc I got with the laptop (obviously most of the pre-installed stuff will be lost) wouldnt this be better than using spyware which constantly finds viruses? If I back up and use the recovery disc, is there anyway the viruses would reappear?

The laptop is still under warranty...

  p;3 12:46 03 Apr 2007

click here I have found this by a google search; please note I have never heard of it nor am I recommending it at all ; is this what you have downloaded or something completely different?

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