Help with pc start up problem please

  Never again 05:13 26 Feb 2005

Where Do I Start?

Over the past 2 weeks I have had a bit of a purge to upgrade my pc which is currently running windows xp pro on a tiger tyan 100 motherboard with at least 655mb ram and a dual p3 700mhz processor setup.

I bought some memory which was not being recognised properley and was the subject of another thread, but the last time I left my pc yesterday it was booting ok into windows.

On my return home last night my son informs me that the pc is not working and that he has not touched

Two different things occur on start up depending on the will of the pc.

1. processors and memory are recognised on post where it then goes into a screen that says that the pc was not shut down properley. If safe mode or last known good configuration are selected then it continues booting for about 20 sconds, then I get a very quick blue screen that is unreadable and then the pc starts post again. This continues in a cycle.

2. I turn on the pc and nothing. no beeps and no signal to the monitor. I have checked all the cables, had the processors and memory out and reseated them, but all I am getting is the processor fan whizzing round.

I hope that I have not damaged my motherboard.

I am not sure whether the 2 problems are connected or not.

Your advice would be gratefully appreciated.

I may not be able to respond promptly to your posts as I am on a work pc and my home pc is obviously not playing ball at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

  ThePharcyde007 08:55 26 Feb 2005

is it a windows blue screen? Have you tried booting up in safe mode? Also after installing this new hardware, have you gone into the Bios and set system to Optimized/remove the battery on the motherboard for 5 minutes or so, so system is reset to factory defaults? I would say if the pc is booting it is fine, maybe a memory module is duff, I asume that you are running more than one dimm. Try removing one/alternating the setup ie process of eliviation. Maybe someone else can give some input, but should the PC not work after resetting BIOS, I would put this down to a dodgy memory stick.

Let us know how you get on


  Storik 09:17 26 Feb 2005

with ThePharcyde007. Try resetting the BIOS, and check your memory modules.

I had the same problem last week, (computer had worked fine the night before) although I was able to get into my BIOS. I had two memory sticks and, trying each one separately, found that one of them was faulted. Having replaced both memory sticks, swapped a known good one from another computer, everything now works fine.

Good luck!


  keith-236785 09:31 26 Feb 2005

Storik is probably right on this 1, but if not try unplugging the cdrom drive and boot again, i have had instances of the cdrom stopping the bootup (turned out the cdrom had died).

good luck.

when you get the menu, can you choose "start normal", if it boots into windows ok, then immediatly do a reboot.

on pre xp systems, i used to start into safe mode a couple of times and that seemed to clear the problems.

it could also be your hard drive that is faulty

good luck

  Never again 10:06 26 Feb 2005

The blue screen looks like a windows one but it is so fast all I get is a flash and a hint of words.

It was all working ok until I had to play musical chairs with the memory as it did not display the full amount stated. There are 4 dimms

I seem to remember from somewhere that no beeps mean that the memory or processor isn't seated properley is that right?

  Storik 11:16 26 Feb 2005

beep codes.

click here

and let us know how you get on with trying out the other suggestions, might be useful for others.


  dan11 11:54 26 Feb 2005


Yes try it with just one original dimm and see if it boots.

worth looking at;

Because the computer is automatically rebooting from boot menu screen. You may have an option on that to disable the automatic restart ( some do). It should be between safe mode and last know good configuration. if you have this it will tell you what is missing.

Also because you have installed an extra cpu ( making it 2 cpu's ) and two extra dimm's ( making 4 ). It may be worth looking at the psu side of things. You could trim every thing down to bear bones and see if it will fire to post. Take out 1 of the cpu's, just have one memory module, leave the graphics card in. Disconnect the hard drive, disconnect the cdrom and take out any pci cards. Will it post?

If it does, connect the hard drive. Does it now post and give a stop error?

  Never again 18:02 26 Feb 2005

I am online on my home pc and seem to have sorted out the problem.

It seems as if 2 of the 4 memory modules that I bought are faulty or incompatible.

I took all the memory I have, 5 sticks stating 256 and 1 of 128 and and attempted to boot singly with them all.

2 of my 256 sticks only show 128 and one of my 256 sticks will not boot and beeps 9 times on startup.

I'm now running 2x256 and 1x128 in 3 dimms, and all the memory is double sided, whilst all the "faulty" memory is single sided.

Is there any way that I can test if it is faulty or incompatible?

Thank you all for your suggestions and patience.

I'll tick it as resolved, but if you have any further advice (apart from never open another pc case)I would be grateful.

  dan11 00:16 27 Feb 2005

pleased you have it sorted.

(apart from never open another pc case)

famous last

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