HELP!!! Pc Problem, Please Help.

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 08:43 30 May 2003


Yesterday I turned by PC on and I was told that my clock had changed due to Daylight hours, It had now gone back an hour.

Then when I tried to load up my AOL I got "WAOL This program has performed an illegal operation........"

I tried numerous times and got the same warning. I called AOL who told me to unistall and reinstall AOL.

I uninstalled AOL. Did a Scan disk without problem then went to reinstall AOL.

But now I was getting "Setup.EXE This program has performed an illegal operation......."

Each attempt I get the same message.

I have END IT ALL and loaded it up to see a program called "KERNEL 32, WIN32 KERNEL CORE COMPONENT" running.

I haven't seen this in END IT ALL before and when I click ENDITALL the PC freezes because this program is running.

I know that there is a WIN32 that is important but is this one a virus?????

I have Norton and have run a scan but nothing has come up.

What can I do???? I'm not that PC clever so can anyone help. I use Windows 98 and am using another machine to write this.

Thanks in advance.

  AndySD 09:00 30 May 2003

My first thought is that the motherboard battery needs replacing.... as this is what keeps the date settings. Can you tell us what the date is when you boot into windows...(place the mouse pointer over the clock in the taskbar)

  expertec 09:32 30 May 2003

Sometimes my other computer (windows nt 4) says it is 1903, is this the battery failing or has it got the milennium bug? :)

  ^wave^ 11:41 30 May 2003

use an upto date virus checker then scan disk

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 13:26 30 May 2003

I haven't checked the date yet as I'm on another PC at the moment.

My Norton Antivirus is almost up to date. As I can't get on line to add yesterdays update.

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 18:52 30 May 2003


the date was 5 Jan 2080!!!

I have used Panda Antivirus from a free CD and it picked up a system virus on WIN32.

It has disinfected it. I have then restarted my system and I get the same msg when I try to load up my AOL disc "This program has performed an illegal operation"

Any ideas???????????

  AndySD 19:01 30 May 2003

Boot into the bios and make sure the date there is correct then boot into windows and check the date is correst ....then update norton and run the scan again.

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 19:04 30 May 2003

Sorry how do I do the above?? I'm a newbie.

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 19:42 30 May 2003


  Quiller. 20:14 30 May 2003

To boot into the bios. Start the machine up and keep pressing the Esc. key. This usually gets you straight there. When there pick the first option which should be standard cmos settings and press enter.

You should be able to see the time and date listed there. You can change the settings by using the arrow keys to get there. You alter the settings by using the PgUp or PgDn buttons.

When you have the right date and time, press the Esc key to go back to the main menu.

Now pick save settings and exit. You type y to this. The machine will then reboot.

While you are in 5th of jan 2080, can you look in the archives of the web for tomorrows 6 numbers on the lottery,

  graham√ 20:49 30 May 2003

Kernel core component is a Brazillian soldier in charge of nuts.

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