help with pc lockups needed for friend.

  steveuk72 12:54 22 Jan 2012

friend keeps having system lockups, monitor would freeze in a solid color with a buzzing sound, only way to recover would be shut down and reboot, this was a constant thing with a graphics card, changed to an older card and it still happens but not quite as often but picture now freezes like a still photo with buzzing sound 50%time other 50% no sound. if pc is shut down for an hour or more it comes on with blue screen and reboots with message with you pc is being shut down to save damage, all drivers are current including bios. It is a random time when it happens could be fine after hours or even days / weeks then it rears it ugly head again.

any help would be appreciated cheers

  Forum Editor 13:06 22 Jan 2012

How old is this computer?

The symptoms you describe could be the result of an overheating processor. If your friend is happy about opening the case get him/her to check that the processor fan is running when the machine is switched on.

While the case is open - and the computer isn't running - is an an ideal time to remove any accumulated dust and fluff, and to carry out a check on all the component connections - leads and cards, etc. Check the connection between the graphics card and the monitor, replacing the cable for good luck.

Try all that, and let us know what happens - or what doesn't happen.

  steveuk72 14:08 22 Jan 2012

my friend had the pc in the local shop where they re thermal pasted the processor, he is running with the side panel off the tower as he thought it may be cooling probs, he is running a series 1 I7 3.06 with oem cooler fan, hope this xtra info helps :)

  lotvic 14:22 22 Jan 2012

Does motherboard have onboard graphics? if so then remove the graphics card altogether and see if it still has display freezing probs. Then you will know if it is graphics card related or not.

Another thought it might be the cable, have you tried a new/different cable?

(I am also currently running my tower with side off as have weird display/heating probs with graphics card when side is on - no probs at all with side off)

  KRONOS the First 14:41 22 Jan 2012

If you have a case with good cooling then you should leave the side on. The negative air pressure created in a good case will suck heat away from components and be better than a case with no side.Side off more dust which is not good.

Depending on your motherboard it is possible to monitor the temps of most of your components.

A couple of bits of software I use Speedfan, and Core temp.

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