Help - PC has stopped working!

  MartynHoll 09:29 27 Jun 2003

My PC went into re-start last night and XP did a verify of the hard drive and found a number of errors that it reported as fixing. At the end of the verification it kicked off a restart and that's all it will do now - it gets as far as the XP loading window and then restarts again and just continues that loop until I switch the PC off.

I suspect that the hard drive is in a bad way but I would like some advice on how to fix it

(Note - I do have a second hard dive as primary slave that I use for video capture - could I make that the master and then install XP on that and then use that drive to investigate the existing C drive?

  Mysticnas 09:41 27 Jun 2003

I think that would probably be the best method. However, if you're hard drive has been damaged there it no turning back. Once it's gone, it's gone.

  Megatyte 09:48 27 Jun 2003

Can you boot from a floppy/XP CD and use restore?


  Aspman 09:49 27 Jun 2003

It does depend on the errors. Might be worth opening your case and getting your HD manufaturer. Most provide testing tools you can run from a floppy. You would need to download these at a friends house or work but its better to chech that first before you fork out for another HD. XP might just have thrown a wobbly and need repaired / reformatted.

  Legolas 10:04 27 Jun 2003

I would check that all your connections and expansion cards plus memory sticks are seated properly. Then if you have the XP disk I would do a repair.

  Legolas 10:07 27 Jun 2003

If you suspect the hardrive have a loook here click here

  MartynHoll 12:04 27 Jun 2003

I did try putting my XP CD in the drive this morning but it was not 'seen'. I assume that I would need to change the BIOS to get the PC to look at the CD drive.

Can anyone give me the process for booting from my second HD. If I change the jumpers to make the second HD the master and insert the XP CD, will that be suffcient to get me loading XP?

  woodchip 12:25 27 Jun 2003

Your best bet would be not to start creating new Problems But to Go into Setup when you start your Computer and make your CD as the first boot device, also check that it is recognised. Then try starting with the XP

  woodchip 12:26 27 Jun 2003


  MartynHoll 12:46 27 Jun 2003


OK - I will try that first

  The Spires 12:51 27 Jun 2003

Have you tried the F5 key on start up and last good/safe mode etc, you don't know yet if your hard drive is faulty.

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