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  northernguy 07:09 19 Jun 2007

I am not new to computers but definitely am new to imaging software.

I'm using xp pro with the paint program provided.

My problem is to achieve a wyswyg situation with a screen capture.

Using paint I can isolate the part of the screen capture that I want. Taking the isolated part of the image and copying it to a new paint window I get a display with the relevant part of the image in the corner of the display. This is exactly what I want.

What happens, though, is that when I print the display the image is moved to the centre of the field which means it is printed on to two pages rather than the small part of one page which is all that is required. The image is a popup which is overlaid onto a page of text behind it. The popup appears in the middle of the page. I don't know if that's why the image is always moved to the centre of the field or if that's just what paint does by default.

For my purposes having it spread over two pages is useless. I cannot use zoom to do anything but make it bigger.

Previously, I was able to get around the problem by switching from portrait to landscape using the Hp 932 printer software. Unfortunately my new Hp 6310 printer does not appear to offer this option.

I don't know if it's because of the model or because it is networked.

I'm taking an advanced technology course by distance education. Occasionally I need to copy tables etc. from the software provided.

My preference would be if someone could tell me how to get paint to print what it displays as it is displayed. Then I can accomplish what would seem to be a simple task and move on.

Getting a sophisticated photo imaging program even if it's free is not really an option because then I have to take time off from my course to learn how to use the software. I have already wasted hours on this and it's starting to get a little frustrating.

I must admit that I could just print the whole page with the popup superimposed onto the text but this would look so crude I would be embarrassed every time I looked at it. Especially since I have already done what should be the hard part which is get a screen capture, isolate the the significant part and get it into printable format. Now I just need to get what I see.

Any help would be much appreciated !!


  brundle 08:52 19 Jun 2007

MSPaint is pretty basic - you could try Irfanview for screencaptures (press PrtScn key when your monitor shows the image you want to capture then immediately Ctrl-V in Irfanview to paste the view, then drag a box around your chosen image area and use Crtl Y to crop) and Photofiltre for editing.
Irfanview; click here
Photofiltre; ttp://

Other paint apps; click here

  HCOOH 19:53 19 Jun 2007

If you go to page setup in paint and deselect the 2 boxes in the "Centering" option, the image should go to where you put it in paint. You can use the print preview to confirm.

  P1d 09:22 21 Jun 2007

I use paintdotnet available if you

I use a lot of screen captures for the reams of documentation I put together and have never hit a problem with this software, just pasting the screenshot resizes the image as necessary and fits onto A4, if not it's simple to resize, just go to "Image", "Resize".

Don't forget Alt+PrtScn only captures the active windows therefore cancelling out the unwanted backgrounds.

Just my thoughts.

  P1d 09:23 21 Jun 2007

Sorry posted too soon, here's the link;

click here

  northernguy 07:00 23 Jun 2007

Thank you for your help with the difficulty I was having using paint to print selected portions of screen shots.

I found brundle's suggestion of using IrfanView complete with his provision of the hot key to crop the image was the simplest.

IrfanView's print dialogue box offers a clearly visible option of _best fit to page_ which is exactly what I want.

With paint I have to select the right tool to crop the image and then go to two separate locations to resize the image and select landscape because of the nature of the popups that I am printing.

For my very narrow needs IrfanView is perfect.

Again, thank you all!

This is an excellent board. I will try to follow it as much as possible given my time constraints.


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