help with outlook please look

  danny0001uk 10:39 10 Oct 2003

everytime i open outlook it loads my inbox on the screen then closes outlook with no error message or anything so i havent got acces to my email. i have removed and reinstalled at the same prblem happens.

anyone got any ideas


  Jester2K II 10:44 10 Oct 2003

Got any pop up stoppers running?

How long does it remain on screen?

Does it download the mail?

  MAJ 10:56 10 Oct 2003

Does it happen to any of your other Office programs, danny0001uk? If it does check this out. click here

  danny0001uk 11:33 10 Oct 2003

it downloads the mail

i never have control over it though it displays the busy icon so i cant click on anything.

no it is just outlook



  Jester2K II 11:47 10 Oct 2003

Outlook or Outlook Express? If Outlook which version??

Also are you on dial up or B-Band??

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