help with old comp please

  woofwoofbark 08:29 04 Mar 2006

Hi I have an old comp that has been gathering dust in the cupboard for sometime ... Ive decided to try and fix it , it can be used as backup incase my main comp decided to fall asleep or something lol .....

anyway ..

here are the specs

Intel Celeron 1.3
256 RAM
it currantly has windows XP home on it
cd rw

thing is that , Ive connected everything but windows wont load on it , a black page with white letters asking things like , start windows normally , or , Last known good configuration , plus 3 safe mode options ......

everytime I choose one of the above the comp loops back to startup and the same screen appears , at the start I have an option to press ESC or F2 , F2 says that only the HD is recognised but not the cd-rw , but I have the cd-rw attached and can open and close its door plus theres a green light that flashes when I switch the comp on ....

if someone can uderstand what ive written and has any help or advice then it would be very much appreciated


  Gongoozler 09:30 04 Mar 2006

Hi beemerman. The behaviour of your computer is usually caused by the Windows getting corrupted so normal startup is impossible. Windows then tries to revert to a working configuration "Last known good configuration", but in this case it can't, hence the loping behaviour. Your best bet is probably to reformat and reinstall Windows, but you can't do that if the CD drive isn't recognised.

Have you checked to see if the CD drive is recognised in BIOS - or is that what you mean?

  woofwoofbark 09:46 04 Mar 2006

I have entered f2 , thats BIOS ?? I have added everything as 'AUTO' , I dunno if thats what to do ( not exactly a comp expert lol ) anyway , I have added a DVD rom drive and used that as master with the cd rom as slave and main is the hard drive ( forgive my explination (or lack of ) but anyway , in bootup I have made the cd rom as first boot and HD as second boot .... I have since added my XP disk and reformatted the drive , and Im currantly loading windows ( copying files just now before install ) heres what ive done so far .... loaded the XP OEM disk , typed any key to boot from cd , when windows setup has loaded I have clicked 'repair' > have been sent to a black screen and typed 1 then enter (Windows is listed as #1 , have typed format C: ( which it has done ) then re-entered Windows setup through the OEM disk , have deleted partition C: , then formatted (again through the disk) as NTFS format .... windows is currantly loading just now ( Its an old comp with XP serial sticker on the side , so hopefully that will work ( I bought the comp 3 or 4 years ago refurbished with XP already installed but came with floppys (floppys have gone walk-about since lol) so hopefully adding the serial from the sticker will do the job....

thank goodness for pcadvisor's search facility ( wouldnt have had a clue how to format otherwise )

I'll get back to you once I have to insert the XP serial and to say if it loaded ok or not)

many thanks for your input so far


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