Help Nyone with a smart tv

  ronlin 18:41 19 Jan 2015

Ive just bought a toshiba 42inch smart tv , everything worked fine , then i tried setting up the computer bit , i went through the screen prompts to no avail , i then noted that when i had put in my virgin password which was 8 digits and clicked done the next window came up with 9 digits on , i tried resetting etc but this happened over and over again , i reckon theres a software fault in the smart bit would you aggree ??

  john bunyan 20:15 19 Jan 2015

I would try a reset. I assume you are talking about your network password on your router - not others?

  john bunyan 20:17 19 Jan 2015
  Ian in Northampton 20:22 19 Jan 2015

Is your TV connected via a wire or wirelessly?

  ronlin 22:17 19 Jan 2015

Sorry , yes i meant my network password on my router yes its connected wirelessly , ive never had probs before with other items like laptops tablets etc , i couldnt suss what was happening at first then i noticed after i had keyed in the 8 digits on the onscreen keyboard i saved em then clicked ok and it came up on the next screen with 9 asterisks instead of eight , no wonder i wasnt gettin anywhere .

  Peter 00:56 20 Jan 2015


Sometimes there is a space at the beginning of the password field. Try using the backspace to remove it before entering your password.

*Peter. *

  john bunyan 10:54 20 Jan 2015

As a separate point I have an LG and a Samsung "Smart" TV. The LG's wireless card only gave a download of 0.8 mbps in a spot where an iPad gave 7.5 mbps - solved by linking with homeplugs. Also the LG only had the BBC i player app for catch up. The Samsung , in a kitchen, gave a 7.5 mbps download and had BBC, ITV and 4oD catch up apps. You still need the network password to get a connection and I hope you solve it.

  ronlin 14:55 20 Jan 2015

Thanks a bunch everyone , i have used the backspace to clear everything i couldnt reset the computer part it wouldn let me possibly because i hadnt been able to use it , i reckon its a software prioblem so i phoned the tech guys and they couldnt understand it either anyway ive ordered a replacement tv which will be with me at the weekend so im hoping this time all goes well .

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