Help for novice..quote for pc from local firm

  BeeWee 17:53 14 Feb 2003

any comments on this quote would be appreciated as i have no idea what most of it means! i understand the memory and h/d sizes but that's about any help would be great!

810LMR Mainboard AMD Athlon 2.2XP Processor AMD Approved CPU Cooler 384MB SDRAM (PC133) 60GB UDMA Hard Disk Drive 52x CD-ROM Drive 48x12x40 CD-RW Drive 3D Stereo Audio & Mains Powered Speakers Integrated AGP Graphics (Up to 64MB) 56K AMR Modem 10/100 RJ45 Network Card PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard ATX Tower Case c/w 3.5" Floppy Drive Base Unit Cost £479 (Including VAT)

  ellas 17:58 14 Feb 2003

depends what you want to do with the computer,games wise not good and I think a dvd drive is a better option than the cd-rom,you would be better with DDR than SDRAM memory,surfing the internet great,

  recap 18:05 14 Feb 2003

As ellas say's "what you want to do with the computer" is the first question you want to ask yourself.

Then look in the mags, on the Internet for a system that would best suite your needs. Then go and ask for another quote for the specs that you have chosen.

DDR (Double Data Rate) is better than SDR (Single Data Rate), the HDD is good. I also agree with ellas about the DVD and not the CD-Rom. You don't mention the operating system though.

Another thing (this is my personal preference) and that is not to have anything onboard. I prefer to have the card and not the software. Example is a winModem, this is software and not hardware so to speak.

  BeeWee 18:08 14 Feb 2003

i don't play games but i use my digital camera store pics and hope to be able to make some slideshows in the future. i also love music and have put a lot of my cd's on the h/d and burn music to cd's too

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:09 14 Feb 2003

810LMR Mainboard AMD Athlon 2.2XP Processor ....reasonable spec and speed for the motherboard and the processor.

Approved CPU Cooler 384MB ..Yup, that is fine to handle the cooloing of the innards.

384MB SDRAM ( more than enough to handle most programmes.

60GB UDMA Hard drive...a good size for storage. The Gb refers to gigabytes, which is the amount of storage capoability. I have a 10 and 40 Gb HD and these are more than enough.

Disk Drive 52x CD-ROM Drive ...this is the reading speed of the CD Rom drive. 52x is fast but the speed is not too important as anything over 32x will suffice. Be aware that you will not be able to play DVDs on this player.

48x12x40 CD-RW Drive ...a CD writng and reading drive. You can write CDs at up to 48x on this and that is fast! It can also read CDs as well (just like the CD Rom drive.

3D Stereo Audio & Mains Powered Speakers Integrated AGP Graphics (Up to 64MB)..bette than mine!!!!! Good enough for most applications and games.

56K AMR Modem...yup, fine.

10/100 RJ45 Network Card...not really needed unless you are going to network 2 computers together. If not I would see if they can dump it and change the mouse to a better optical one instead.

ATX Tower Case c/w 3.5" Floppy Drive Base Unit ..yup, fine. Is there any spare bays in case you get the desire to upgrade in the future? The bays are not necessary but may be useful.

You have not said if there are USB ports although I am assuming that there will be. You need 2 minimum and 4 would be excellent. You can buy adaptors that plug into a USB port and give you 4 or more extra USB ports (£30 squid ish).

Overall the computer will be fine for all applications (word processing, photo-retouching etc. ) and it will run games well enough. As to th ep[rice I will leave that to others to see if £479 is OK although I would expect a 17" monitor as well ;-)))).


  BeeWee 18:12 14 Feb 2003

i have my own windows se disc which i would load myself and transfer my favourites from icq incredimail etc

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:13 14 Feb 2003

'you would be better with DDR than SDRAM'....Have to slightly disagree. For your usage you will never notice the difference. Same with the DVD drive. Unless you watch movies on the PC there is not much point having a DVD but if you can get one in place of the 52x CD Rom then go ahead.


  bfoc 18:21 14 Feb 2003

Basically all computers are kits, they consist of the processing chip, the memory, the hard drive, the graphics processing and the sound output.

One way of producing a cheaper PC is to have a number of these functions all carried out by the Motherboard, which is where everything else 'sits'.

There can be a problem with this though. It can mean that if, at any time in the future, you wanted to improve, say, your graphics you might need to get a whole new motherboard, a fairly major undertaking. Whereas if you had paid a little more at the start and got a computer with a seperate graphics card in a Advanced Graphics Port (AGP) slot you could just buy a new one and slot it in.

This is why it is very important to think about what you want the computer for now and in the future, so that you make the best choice for you. Getting a computer is actually quite a personal thing your reasons are not the same as anyone else's!

If you list what you want to do now and think you might want to do in the future and, how much you want to spend, I'm sure people here will try to give you good advice!

  BeeWee 18:21 14 Feb 2003

what a brilliant reply...comprehensive and i can actually understand it...thank you so much gandalf. i will have to copy and paste it into word so that i won't forget anything you have said and i can then ask the pc guys the relevant questions!

  Ben Avery 18:23 14 Feb 2003

Listen to the wise wizard my son!

Sounds pretty good to me. I built mine just over a year ago from dabs and I could rebuilt it now for less that 1/2 the price!

How depressing...

Good spec.


  Rayuk 18:29 14 Feb 2003

You will find that DDR and SDRAM are both about the same price so I would be inclined to favour DDR in this instance.You should be able to get a motherboard to take DDR for about the same price.

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