rotormota 07:17 02 Nov 2004

I have got a Norton Security Alert Window telling me an intrusion has been blocked for 'MS_Windows_LSASS_RPC_DS_Request' & it is 'High Risk'.

Thing is, if I exit the alert it keeps returning. What is going on?


  Dan the Confused 07:24 02 Nov 2004

Have a look at click here

  rotormota 20:43 02 Nov 2004

Thanks Dan but I didn't find that so useful. Weirdly, the intrusion alert pop up kept appearing even after I went offline.

I have done a virus scan & nothing was shown.

Any ideas?


  Dan the Confused 21:10 02 Nov 2004

Did you install a patch from that link? If you have the patch installed then maybe it is a false positive.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:10 02 Nov 2004

Go to click here and download the Sasser removal tool. Also, if you are running Windows XP, install SP2, or get all the security updates from Windows Update to close the loophole that lets Sasser in.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:12 02 Nov 2004

Should have looked at Dan the Confused's link first!

  rotormota 21:45 02 Nov 2004

But Norton blocked it anyway so need I worry?

I don't have Service Pack 2 installed as it messed up my PC-it would not boot up at all.

What do you think?


  Dan the Confused 22:01 02 Nov 2004

If you install the appropriate patch it will hopefully go away.

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