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  Cams 17:20 09 Jan 2003
  Cams 17:20 09 Jan 2003

I tried upgrading my primary OS from a corrupt Win2k to a fresh one and now it won't load. It gets as far as the Windows is starting screen and then I get a horrid blue screen saying that the hard disk could be corrupt. I've tried a repair but it hasn't worked. I ran chkdsk in the repair console and it said everything was fine.

Luckily, or so I thought, I took a Ghost image of the drive with Norton Ghost 2002 before the reinstall. I burned the image direct to CD but didn't make it bootable. Now when I load up Ghost from the boot floppy, it doesn't see the drive for me to copy the image back from the CD ROM to the partition. Is there any way of solving this problem?

The failure of the new install to boot may be to do with my being asked for IdeChnDr.sys for the Intel Ultra ATA 100 storage device. I didn't have this file on any of my CD ROMS so clicked Cancel. I can't even boot into safe mode.

So question 1:

1. Can I use Ghost to get things back to the way they were using the image I have on CD and

2. Could I somehow download the Intel ATA device and install it from the recovery console? If so, I'll need instructions on how to copy files from a command prompt.

Help please!!


  Diemmess 17:38 09 Jan 2003

Yes you can - and there will be others to fill in the details, but I think forget worrying about
IDE error messages these refer to a HD ?

What I think you lack is the basic drivers of your CDROM on the floppy. (Atapi from my memory)

This would make it look as though you don't have a CD and the rest follows.

  Cams 18:09 09 Jan 2003

The CD ROM drivers are on the Ghost floppy. I know this because I used the same floppy to copy the image from partition to CD ROM; could the fact that it's burned onto a CD-RW make a difference? I tend to think not, but one never knows.

I can log onto the PC in question using my emergency W2k installation on a separate partition -- good words of advice those were! So I could conceivably copy the Ghost image from CD to another partition, thence back to where it was originally.

As I now know where the .sys file I was asked for during setup resides, I could go through the whole process again from scratch, providing of course that I can get the Ghost image back to its source. I'd much rather fix the boot problem on the new W2k installation but have no idea how to copy what I assume is the HD driver within the repair console.

Problems, problems...

Thanks for the reply.


  Diemmess 18:24 09 Jan 2003

You learn something every day - I may perhaps?

You say you burned a ghost image direct to the CD.

I didn't think this was possible because the software for recording needs Windows and you are in DOS?

I am assuming that you are booting with the Ghost floppy in A: and that you know the CDROM drivers are on that floppy. .....that much makes sense to me because you should be able to run Ghostpe.exe and select the image on the CD to "restore."

Silly suggestion, but you appear to have several logical drives, are you sure which is which? Their labels change quite illogically (to me) sometimes.

You are almost there... with a bit of luck and a following wind.

Then there is a nice reformat and clean new installation as a last resort !!

  Cams 22:05 09 Jan 2003

To my second attempt at a response, after my first was eaten by the PCA gremlins...

It was indeed to do with the Ghost boot disk.

The first boot disk I created was:

with CD-R/RW, LPT and USB Support

It was with this boot disk that I copied the Ghost image of a partition directly to CD oustisde Windows. It didn't allow me to READ CDs however.

The second disk I created was

CD ROM Boot Disk

With this second disk, I COULD read from CD. I restored the partition from the image on CD and it worked a treat.

Then back to reinstalling Windows, but this time with knowledge of where the HD driver was hiding on my system, and voila! It just worked!

I did have to provide installation disk when lauching certain progs, such as MS Office, Roxio CD Creator and Norton SystemWorks but I'm back with a well-working system again!



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