Help with non booting pc please

  Never again 21:53 27 Aug 2007


I am running windows xp ok on a really old pc......or was until I moved it to the next room to decorate.

When done and plugged in the pc will not boot, and I get no beeps at all.

The error message is "RAGE128 PRO GL P/N 1130-63207-102", which is my graphics card.

I've had it out and reseated it, but to no avail.

I've got an old card somewhere that I can substitute tomorrow, but is this an indication of a dead graphics card?

Any other suggestions would be most welcome.



  djbenny 22:29 27 Aug 2007

could you give any to any indication of the motherboard?

  Never again 07:13 28 Aug 2007

Wow - this is a really old pc - the case must be 12 years old and everything inside upgraded at some time.

I think the motherboards is a Tiger Tyan 100 (dual slot 1 Pentium 3), with a 4xAGP slot I think.

The motherboard light is green, so I think that its working ok.

The whole pc was working yesterday before it was unplugged and moved.

Thanks for your reply.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:38 28 Aug 2007

REmove and resaet memory and also the power plugs to the motherboard.

Also check the cpu / heatsink / fan has not come loose and is firmly clipped to the motherboard.

  Never again 18:15 28 Aug 2007

but this has not worked either.

Everthing is snug in their sockets and ram has been removed and reseated.

Fans are whirring, motherboard light is green, monitor light is also green - so its getting a signal from the graphics card.

I've tried another card and the same thing happens - just the graphic card details at post and then no further. no memory rest, no hard drives detected, etc...

Is this an indication of a corrupted bios or one that needs resetting?

  SANTOS7 18:21 28 Aug 2007

Two things to try:
Check the MB for bulging and/or leaking capacitors.
Reset the BIOS with either the jumper, removing battery, or whatever
else is recommended for your MB to reset BIOS.

  paul€ 18:25 28 Aug 2007

Have you tried clearing the cmos via the jumper. click here

  paul€ 18:26 28 Aug 2007

have you got the manual for it?

It's click here

I see SANTOS7 has already mentioned clearing the cmos:)

  SANTOS7 18:29 28 Aug 2007

If resetting BIOS does not work i fear a fried MOBO...

  Never again 19:17 28 Aug 2007

No bulging electronic components and resetting the CMOS has had no effect.

On boot only the graphics card detected - no beeps, no memory test, etc.

The monitor light is green indicating a signal from the graphics card.

(sorry about getting your name wrong but my euro button is playing up).


  SANTOS7 19:23 28 Aug 2007

When you moved your PC you may have dislodged somthing else the error would also suggest your MOBO is groung out on the case....

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