Help with non booting laptop please

  Never again 20:38 18 Oct 2010


My friend has asked me to have a look at her daughters laptop which "has not been working for months"

It is a dell inspiron 1525 running vista (according to the stickers).

On pressing the power button the power button lights up and then goes out. the laptop does not go through POST and the screen is completelyt blank all through this.

There are no beeps or signs of life except the power and battery lights are on on the front of the laptop. the HDD activity light is not blinking or on. there is not even any fan activity.

I've never known a laptop to be so dead - any ideas please?

  birdface 20:44 18 Oct 2010

Try removing the battery.and the power connector and press down on the start button for 30 seconds.
Connect the battery and power connector and see if it will start.

  birdface 20:45 18 Oct 2010

Or try with the battery removed.

  Never again 21:13 18 Oct 2010

Attempt 1 with battery attached and mains plugged in resulted in the battery light flashing orange a few times and then back to blue, although the HDD light came on once and went out again. The mains light just stayed on.

Attempt 2 with the battery removed and mains plugged in just resulted in the mains light staying on but nothing else.

  Never again 21:17 18 Oct 2010

each time the lights flashed across the media buttons by the power button.

the sequence was 4 orange then one blue (three times)and then just solid blue.

Nothing on the monitor

  MAT ALAN 21:33 18 Oct 2010

click here

might help...

  Never again 22:10 18 Oct 2010

The dell link above was good, but after reseating the battery, hard drive and memory nothing was different, except that the fan tried to kick in but died very quicly.

This laptop has not been uised for some time - do you think that it might just need an overnight charge or is that being hopeful - although it should work plugged into the mains.

Could it be like when the cmos battery goes and it needs to be replaced and reset?

Sorry if this seems a bit desperate.

  gaucho. 22:20 18 Oct 2010

and power charger disconnected.
remove hard drive
leave just one stick of memory
see if it boots to post.

Connect an external monitor to see if screen is faulty for post

strip down lappy to clean fans and check the cpu haetsink fan combo tube is plugged into motherboard.
click here

  lotvic 23:25 18 Oct 2010

I think gaucho. is on the right track, bad connection or similar.

Same symptoms and it was a bad stick of RAM click here

  birdface 08:52 19 Oct 2010

Not been used for some time It could be the Cmos battery needing changed.
If everything else fails to help I would change it.

  Never again 12:18 19 Oct 2010

Thanks everyone.

It was one of the sticks of RAM. Well done.

I did some swapping about and it wouldn't do a thing with one stick.

The laptop now boots into vista, so I'll do a bit of housekeeping for her.

Thanks again

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