Help with nokia phone software please

  Never again 23:51 06 Mar 2004

I suppose that being a phone question on the pc advisor website that this one could be described as a bit of a cross dresser - but here goes.

I am running a p3800 512ram pc with win me, and have a mobile phone data cable installed so that I can back up my phone stuff and delete all the dodgy rintones and put on dodgier ones - the only thing is that it doesn't seem to work.

Firstly, using oxygen phone manager II (trial version)some of the ringtones would not load or play despite me reading the instructions, but the data cable did as it recognised my phone.

Stuff this I thought - Install the Nokia data suite software instead, and I did - but it does not recognise my phone.

The oxygen software mentioned conflicts with the nokia software and so I have now uninstalled both and am awaiting some sound advice from someone out there who has been here before me.

Help please.

  bretsky 00:27 07 Mar 2004

You replied to an earlier thread and said you didn't know how to create a link, here's how>find the appropiate website and in the address bar(http:/click here etc)right click and copy(this will copy it to the clipboard)> then in the pca message reply box right click and paste and the website address will appear in full.

When you post the response the web address will be turned into a link.

Sorry but this does not help you with the above.

bretsky ;0)

  Never again 00:38 07 Mar 2004

You got me all exited for a minute as I thought that my problems were going to be solved(want 2 teenage kids and a wife?)

Thanks for the info though, I'll be able to give better advice in the future.

Never again

  tbh72 02:02 07 Mar 2004

click here for a far superior product and fantastic support for both cable or IR.


  goonerbill 10:12 07 Mar 2004

it all depends on the size of the ringtone.its all down to what the phones ringtone size limit is.

i have nokia 3510i and also have had problems with ringtones not loading or if they did, not playing.

its not a problem with oxygen phone manager II, it also happens with other software.

  bretsky 14:33 07 Mar 2004

No thanx friends and family have put me off for life.
Anyway good luck..............bretsky ;0)

  Never again 10:04 08 Mar 2004

Thanks everyone for the replies so far but I cant understand why the oxygen software recognises and uses the data cable but with patchy results, and the nokia software does not even detect the phone?

I am aware of the size problem with ringtones, but surely you should be able to edit them somehow, just to use the bit you want?

I don't really want to fork out a load of cash on software for the sake of editing a few ringtones, etc

  sicknote 10:15 08 Mar 2004

R U using a nokia Data cable if so what one!!!What nokia suite (5.5) ?????

  Never again 09:15 09 Mar 2004

I am using a prolific data cable bought on ebay, and Nokia data suite 5.5.1 I think. ( I downloaded it from as freeware.

Does this mean that I have to use the dku-5 cable which I assume is the nokia version?

The cable works ok with oxygen phone manager, but this software seems a bit hit & miss.

  sicknote 10:02 09 Mar 2004

The dku 5 cable needs the driver software from nokia click here to run data suite properly.
Like tbh72 said Modimb from logomanager is easy to use as you just drag and drop and should work with you prolific cable.If not try these sites for cheap cables click here click here

Best of luck !!!

  Never again 20:05 07 May 2004

Thanks for your help everyone.

The problem was with the cable which was not the recommended DKU-5.

The proper cable was bought and there has been no problems since.

Thanks again

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