Help on Nod32 and Zone Alarm Please 19:27 24 Jun 2006

Hi guys, bit of help/opinions please.

I have Nod 32 anti virus regd version, I find it to be very good. I current run zonealarm(free version), however I have just been been bought zone alarm internet security suite. Now I want to keep using nod for viruses, and spyware doctor for spyware.

CAN I install the zone alarm suite and just disable it from using antivirus or using its antispyware too? (i dont want it to affect my computers performance too in any way will it?)

The reason I dont just stick with zonealarm free version, is this version has a more secure firewall, plus someone bought me it so I would feel guilty not using some of it.

PLEASE help and any instructions on how to do what you say would be great



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