Help!! No Sound?!?!

  angel333 11:35 19 May 2007

Hey, I am completely lost with my pc.
I went on it last night, and had a video playing on youtube, all fine, and i pressed the shutdown key to turn off the comp.
When I put on the computer this morning there was no sound. I checked the obvious, like the volume control settings, scanned for spyware and virus' (just in case) and have generally been messing about for hours trying to figure this out. I tried different speakers, updated drivers... I was about to try a different sound card to see if mine had gone kaputt, but on a whim I tried my microphone... I get sound through the speakers from my mic!
Nothing from windows sound files, nothing from cd's or anything else.
Please please if you have any ideas of what could be causing this, I'd love to hear.... its driving me crazy!!!!

  COLIN-234466 12:02 19 May 2007

Make sure your master volume cotrol box is not ticked

  angel333 12:20 19 May 2007

its not - i checked all the lil things like that.

  big bloke66 12:59 19 May 2007

Maybe a stupid question but have you tried system restore, back to a date before this happened.


  birdface 13:02 19 May 2007

Try Control Panel, Administrative tools.Services. Scroll down to Windows Audio, Make sure it is set to automatic.Also make sure you have not turned the sound of on your keyboard by mistake.

  angel333 13:19 19 May 2007

Yeah, I'd already tried restore. Tried the services thing, it is set to automatic. Also, I dont understand why I can hear sound from my microphone but nothing else??
Thanks for your help so far guys xx Appreciated.

  angel333 13:20 19 May 2007

I've still been mucking around. I've unintstalled and reinstalled and updated the sound drivers... I just cant think of anything else to try!
whaaaa :( I hope someone out there has the answer..? xx

  Taff™ 13:39 19 May 2007

You can hear sound from your microphone?

  angel333 13:50 19 May 2007

*LOL* no....
If i use my microphone I hear the sound through my speakers.
Its just for some reason windows sounds, application sounds, like cds, itunes, ie, games, - Anything else.... I just cant hear.

  angel333 15:41 19 May 2007

has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? I'm still at a loss...
Someone pleeeaaassee heeellp!!

  angel333 15:52 19 May 2007

Oh Thank God! Somehow the problem is now resolved xx Thanks for your help all xxx
I'm not sure what did it, but I cleaned the registry and then restarted to last known good config and now I finally have sound!!
F'in windows!!!!!!!!!! grrr

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