Help! No signal on monitor!

  andyn6990 04:05 24 Nov 2008

Hi, basically ive had my pc for 2 years and has always worked fine, well last nite i was on my comp and was working perfectly well then i went bed and left it on and now when ever i turn my pc on it says no signal on the monitor screen, my dad said he got up this morning and the screen was blank then so he had to turn it off by the electric ,ive tried unplugging cables and stuff but still does it ,the pc does turn on as normal and does the beeping and fan is working but just has no signal to my monitor, anyone have any idea what could be wrong? thanks! Andy!

  Simsy 06:48 24 Nov 2008

a problem with the graphics card, or the cable to the monitor. (In my experience, the cable is the likely culprit!)

I'm assuming you don't even get to see the BIOS stuff doing it's check during startup??

The easiest thing would be to see if you can borrow/swap a monitor and a cable. If you still can't see anything it suggests the grahics card is where the problem lies.

The process of changing a grahics card is quite easy... providing you do actually have a seperate card and not "onboard" graphics, (which is where the graphics card is built into the motherboard).

See if you can arrange a temporary swap first, and report back.

Good luck,



  andyn6990 13:29 24 Nov 2008

thanks for the info ,well i just bought my old comp down and plugged the monitor and cable into it and is working fine , so does that mean its the graphics card then? Do reckon i should open it up and take a look?

  Simsy 15:53 24 Nov 2008

all you've changed is the computer and it now works... Well that proves the monitor and cable are ok... so it must be either connections, or the graphics card.

I'm afraid we're now into an area where others have more expertise than I, so I'll bow out.

However, others will want to know your existing spec... what make model is motherboard/ graphics card.

Good luck,



  skylark101 16:20 24 Nov 2008

You now need to test the graphics card by replacement. determine the graphics card type, AGP or PCI, AGP has a brown motherboard socket, PCI fits into a white socket, you can pick up video cards for testing purposes for a couple of quid from computer fairs, second hand stores etc; or just beg steal or borrow. If the motherboard uses on-board graphics (if the video connector socket leads straight onto the motherboard without going through an intermediate board) then a PCI socketed graphics card should still work, happy trails!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:17 24 Nov 2008

Remove and replace the graphics card, they can work loose as a PC heats and cools.

If still no good then it looks like the card has blown.

  andyn6990 00:07 25 Nov 2008

Well i took the panel off and had a look but i think my graphics card is intergrated in to the motherboard! Ive noticed something else when i turn my comp on the power button is always bright blue but now it has no colour atall , apart from a couple of times when i switched it on it was orange which is its hibernation colour is this something to do with the problem??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:47 25 Nov 2008

If your machine is switching on properly (fans, BIOS beep and HDD noises) this should rule out faulty PSU.

Try tapping F8 as it is booting to see if you can get a menu up and put it in safe mode.

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