HELP! No Access To ANY Microsoft Site/MSN/Hotmail

  webber_man 11:15 17 May 2005


I'm connected to Pipex Xtreme Broadband and am running 2 PC's and 1 laptop on a home network using Netgear wireless router and network cards.

This morning i logged onto MSN ok, without any problems. I then opened Outlook Express and it downloaded my emails from my various accounts - including Hotmail. However, things then started to freeze. MSN closed and errors appeared in Outlook whilst trying to access Hotmail. Now i am completely unable to access ANY Microsoft website - inc. Hotmail, MSN, Web Messenger and Microsoft Update. Also i am unable to log into MSN or access emails through Outlook Express.

I CAN access all other websites it seems (hence me posting here!) along with my other email accounts i have set up in Outlook. I have checked the Pipex network status and there doesn't appear to be any problem. I have also virus checked my laptop (the computer i was using when things went pear shaped) using AVG and there doesnt seem to be anything there.

Does anyone know what might be casuing this? If there are any problems with either Pipex or Microsoft? Or is there any virus or spyware that might block me access to Microsoft websites?

Many thanks.

  webber_man 11:34 17 May 2005

Seems Pipex have JUST updated their site

click here

I can relax now knowing that the problem isn't with me!

  SWJ 13:48 17 May 2005

I've had the same problem & its been driving
me crazy !
Im with Pipex too...
Thanks for alerting me - apparently its an external routing problem and they;re working on it !

At least pipex let you know whats goin on !

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